A Short Story: If I Lost My Grandfather

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A Big Lost
Who would know that I would be so hurt when I lost my Grandfather. I was never so close to him, but losing him made a big impact in my life. I think about his death day and night. I sometimes catch myself blaming his death on myself. My parents say it wasn’t my fault but i will never forget the day he started not feeling well. My grandpa lived with us again after my grandma passed away. He was so confused after her death. One day he realized that my grandma wasn’t there no more and he was so heart broken. For the couple of months he lived with us after she passed away, I got closer to him. He was always so happy and always made my family laugh. One day, I made a huge mistake. The next day, my grandpa was taken to the ER. I made one
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When the doctors gave him a checkup, they told us he had a blood clot that could have caused him to have a stroke but we got him to the ER in time. When my parents told me he could 've had a stroke, it got to me. I blamed myself for his sickness. All I would picture was that scared look in my grandpa’s face when he seen my dad yelling at me. The doctors told us he was going to be fine and we believed it. He was doing so well the whole night. The next day during the afternoon, my family and I were in the waiting room thinking he was doing fine. While we were just sitting there, we seen a lot of nurses and doctors rush down the hall towards my grandpa’s room. We kept an eye on them running hoping they wouldn’t turn right. My heart shattered when they turned right. We all just knew something happened. It broke my heart seeing my dad, rush down the hall crying. The doctors tried to bring him back to life, but it didn’t work. I have never thought I would go through something so painful in life that I will never ever forget. It’s been a year and about 3 months since he passed away. There is never a week that goes by that I don’t think about him and nobody ever notices how much pain I go through. Nobody will ever know how much I go through after this lost. I can’t wait to …show more content…
I 'm 16 years young. I 'm a very happy person to everybody. Many people think that i 'm quiet and shy whenever I walk into a room or something. Little do they know is that I 'm going to be the loudest one there. The first impressions people have of me are the whole opposite of who I really am. Everybody sees me as a really happy, confident, and anger issued teen. Those three characteristics are really true, but there is way more to me. I have never been the type to show my feelings. What people really don 't see is that I have a huge heart. Im very caring and nice. Many can 't tell I have such a big heart because i 'm not the type to show emotions so much. Sometimes i find it crazy how people think i 'm cold hearted. My mom is the one who really knows how big of a heart I have. At times, i catch myself being way to caring to the people who don 't deserve it. My confidence and my big heart is something nobody could ever take away from me. I 've been through alot my past years and i 'm even more confident than ever. Many people think i 'm mean because I have anger issues. Having anger issues doesn 't make me mean , I just have a short temper and get mad really fast. Whenever I get mad and hurt somebody 's feelings I regret it so much once I start thinking about what I did. I 'm not ashamed of having such a big heart. Its sad that teenagers these days like to say they are cold hearted. I believe that nobody could ever be completely cold hearted

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