Descriptive Essay About Myself

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When people ask me to describe myself, I always draw a blank, I never know what to say, I’m caught off guard because I don’t really love talking about myself too often because I am someone who likes to listen rather than to talk. I always have to think about what I should say to make a good impression on whomever is asking me the question. There is a lot about me that you can see by just looking at me; I have short brunette hair, I’m short, hazel eyes, I’m quiet, and more. However, there are certain personality traits about me that every single person I know on a personal basis can tell you; I am candid, I am shy, and I am very loving. I am candid and by candid, I mean I am always very truthful and frank. When my friends come to me for advice …show more content…
Since I was a toddler I would run away to my mom from people I didn’t know and also run away from people I did know like my cousins and aunts and uncles. I would run straight to my mom and hide behind her and hold onto her leg until she picked me up. It only got worse as I got older, when I was in gymnastics when I was eight years old, we would have to do competitions and shows in front of the other kids’ families and friends. I would cry and cry until my mom would call my coach and tell them that I was “sick” so I wouldn’t have to perform. As I grew up I come out of my shell more and more but I was still incredibly shy, solo and ground presentations or speeches at school gave me anxiety. I opted out of a lot of opportunities because of how shy I was and that was very hard to deal with now that I’m older and I now wish I could go back and attack those opportunities I missed out on. Present day I am still shy but not as bad as it was in middle school and before that, if anything I loved growing up shy even if I didn’t get to experience some things because I wouldn’t be who I am if I hadn’t grown up being so shy. It is a personality trait that I will cherish because even though it took some things away from me it gave me a lot more

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