Life As A Probation Officer

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My grandfather was born in Gilroy, California, in 1939. At the age of eight, my grandfather moved to a ranch near the outskirts of Gilroy, where he lived in a one room shack with his mother, brother, and step-father. For seven years, my grandfather lived in that poor shack, where he had to cover the holes in the walls with newspaper or cardboard just to keep warm during the cold winters. Years later, my grandfather decided to make something out of his life, and enrolled at San Jose City college in 1972, and graduated in 1975 with an Associate degree. While enrolled in San Jose City college, my grandfather was offered an internship to work for the Santa Clara county in the investigation program unit.

At first, it was very stressful for my grandfather,
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His years in the workforce were motivated by the thoughts of helping others to get back on track with their lives, and by giving them a second chance to make a difference. Years of being in the investigation program unit, my grandfather was promoted to adult probation, then to juvenile probation. A juvenile is a child, under the age of seventeen, who commits crimes. During his career as a probation officer, my grandfather did a lot of traveling, courthouse to courthouse, between San Jose and Palo Alto. My grandfather’s message to students, who are trying to make a career as a probation officer, is that being in the investigation program unit will help them to understand the court’s system. The New England College’s website stated, “Employment of probation officers is expected to grow by 18% between 2010 and 2020, the BLS reported. The average growth rate projected for all occupations over the same period is 14%. Demand for probation officers will result, in part, from the increasing use of non-incarceration sentences.” The opportunities for students is increasing, even though the increase is small amount, nevertheless still have a better chance than in the past. In today’s world, a student would at least need a Master or a Bachelor degree to do what my grandfather did, yet my grandfather made his career from having an

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