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  • My Experience In Nursing Experience

    “EMS en route to the scene,” responded Matt via his radio, as we wore our helmets, checked for gloves, and hopped on our bikes to an apartment off-campus Temple University. Matt was a Field Training Officer at Temple University Emergency Medical Services who had years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Yana, another EMT on shift had a few months of experience. However, it was my first call as an EMT preceptee. A student had tried to slit her wrists. “We can handle this,” Matt said as he saw my tense face. We rode swiftly and managed to make it to the scene within the next minute. I saw a pool of blood on the living room floor upon entering the room with the crying patient on the floor. Matt assessed her, Yana jotted down the patient’s history while I checked the patient’s vital signs. Matt then called for an ambulance, as the patient was in need of further treatment. Just when we were in control of the scene, the patient’s roommate started trembling in a corner. Matt and Yana were still busy with our first patient so I took lead and approached the roommate. I was about to interact with a person suffering from an anxiety attack with no prior experience in field. However, I maintained my composure, knelt down and tried to build up a rapport. She had covered her face with her hands and was crying hysterically. I gently uncovered her face and asked her name. “Shelly,” she said. She was hyperventilating so I asked her to take deep breaths. I slowed down my…

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  • My Experience Of A Practicum Experience

    First of all, I’d like to begin by saying that this practicum experience has been an amazing opportunity and I’ve learned so much through observation, as well as, working hands-on with the students and the teachers. I had the pleasure of getting to work with two amazing teachers at Iron Springs elementary school, a first grade teacher (Mrs. Prince) and a third grade teacher (Ms. Barnhurst). This was a great learning opportunity to compare my two experiences working with different grade levels; I…

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  • Narrative Experience: The Freshman Experience

    The Freshman Experience As my first semester abruptly comes to a screeching halt, I am blown away in disbelief. Walking across the stage and graduating high school less than six months ago, I just don’t understand how time could have gone by as fast as it has. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life after high school, let alone, how to be a college student. I was lucky enough to know where I was going to school but was really confused on what to do when I actually made it to my dream…

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  • My Experience In The Wheelchair Experience

    A. Summary of my experience My first experience in the wheelchair was Sunday September the 25th when I made a trip to Wal-Mart in Nacogdoches. I got out of my truck and walked to the back and let the tailgate down. I then retrieved the wheelchair out of the back of the truck and then sit down. There was five people standing four cars up from where I parked. They glared at me and I knew what was going through their minds, as I passed I could hear them talking although I do not know what was…

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  • My Experience Of A Negative Experience As A Transitional Experience

    Transitional Experience On a hot summer day on May 25 2012. I was walking out of a JFK’s airport for a job interview that I had with Delta Airlines. It was a hot day. The warm breeze that hit my face was not enough to cool me down and make me stop dripping with sweat. Out of nowhere from a distance I heard an aircraft’s engine. I looked up and saw an Airbus 320 aircraft taking off. This event brought me back to when I was a five year old. My journey had started on a hot summer month on august 7,…

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  • My Experience At An Meeting Experience

    topic discussed in the A.A meeting I attended the week before! Then a woman halted my mental overload whenever she said,” holding resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick,” This seemed so honest and spot on I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since the meeting. Moreover, another thing that caught my attention deeply was the short passages they each read from their books before sharing their relation to making that step. The group itself that seemed…

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  • Imersion Experience: The Immersion Experience

    Immersion Experience I interviewed my aunt that was sixty nine years old and is very open minded about things. I knew this conversation between us would be interesting because I never really asked my elderly family about their lives. I started off our conversation by asking her what was her life experience like growing up? She chuckled at first and explained that it was nice. People communicated then face to face and knew how to talk to each other. She was very family oriented as everyone else…

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  • Studying Abroad: My Experience And Experiences

    Studying abroad is a gift. This gift not only gives students incredible experiences and stories, but more importantly, a new perspective, a new worldview, and a new appreciation for other cultures and people. When I daydream in anticipation of setting off to South Africa, which is quite often, I think about the natural beauty, the ocean, the animals and the people. Not only that, but I ponder what I will be like when I return. What lessons will I have learned? What will my perspective on the…

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  • Reflection Of A Community Experience: Volunteer Experience

    Volunteer Experience Reflection I dedicated fifteen hours to the Head Start Program. For 8 weeks I helped in the classroom and met 25 beautiful children. Each child was unique in their own way. The Head Start Program is predominately White but that didn’t change how they interacted with one another. My experience with Head Start was special and I love to volunteer there again. Services Provided When the students were at breakfast I would sit with them and talk with them. I helped clean up…

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  • My Experience With My Minority Experience

    Minority Experience In my situation with my minority experience trying to identify with the majority aspect of my identity was kind of difficult. Just because it was kind of opposite for me. The majority of the people around me in Clinton, SC identify with Christianity. For myself, I do not identify with anything. I view myself as my spiritual rather than religious, because it is not that I don’t believe or do not have a personal relationship with God. It is the fact that I have never been to…

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