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  • Crucible Experience: Reflection On Personality And Leadership Experience

    Reflect on what you read in this chapter. In the second chapter, I learned that one needs to extract deep insights from their crucible experiences and make learning from those experiences an ongoing activity. Although leadership experiences are very helpful in shaping one’s personality and leadership style, it is the learning from and reflection on those experiences that actually brings the real “gold” out of an individual. After a person experiences crucible moment, the key to success is to not get stuck or chafed by the ramifications but to find opportunities to learn and grow from those experiences. Successful leaders deem chaos and confusion as the coal-mine of opportunities where they find the diamonds of learning to help them grow into…

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  • My Teaching Experience: Life Is A Series Of Experiences

    Henry Ford once uttered, “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this.” There are so many experiences and events that we face and go through in our everyday life in which we don’t have the time to think of how it has influenced us positively or negatively. Similarly, going to school in New York was full of experiences like a rollercoaster where it had ups and downs. Teachers, and other staff members always knew me as a…

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  • Personal Experience: My Experience At The Crisis Center

    Thanks to the workshop, I was able to politely enforce that I would not answer any questions about my personal life that the client may have. The client understood this and we were able to continue with the check in without any issues. The knowledge I acquired from the workshop, allowed me to work with this client in an effective matter and give her the services she deserved. This experience was my first with a client that is problematic. I was appreciative of experiencing this situation so…

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  • Shopping Experience Essay

    We have all experienced our fair share of pleasant and unpleasant shopping experiences. Most of these memories from these experiences fade over time. However, some of these experiences are so phenomenal or extraordinary they have a lasting impression on us. On the other hand some of them are so unpleasant or foul that they leave us with a bad image of a once favorite store. I can recall one shopping experience that was horrendous. It happened while I was shopping for a crib at Kmart. In the…

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  • Art Museum Experience

    During my visit to the art museum I saw a lot of styles of art that I hadn’t experienced before. From glass and paintings to sculptures and photography there was quite a bit to take in. I enjoyed my trip to the Vero Beach Museum of Art much more so then I expected. Seeing all of the different pieces of art in person really seemed to intensify the experience of critiquing art in a different way than I had experienced just viewing pictures of art in class or at home. Some of the pieces really…

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  • The Digital Detox Experience

    I started my experiment over the Mid-Semester Break when I got home. I also did not have a working phone at the time which made it easier to not use it and disconnect. During this experiment, I used three articles to analyze the effects a digital detox on people. After analyzing these articles and my own detox experience, I understand the importance of balance between technology and real experiences, and an effective digital detox is a lot harder than just unplugging the internet and turning off…

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  • My Experiential Learning Experience

    For my experiential learning experiences I had the pleasure of visiting both the Ahtanum Ridge Clinic and the Yakima Valley Regional Hospital medical records. Before visiting these facilities I constructed questions beforehand to ensure I would not only have a valuable experience, but be able to compare facilities as well. These questions were; 1. What is something about the system you deal with that you know but not many other people you come in contact with know? 2. How has the change between…

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  • The Importance Of Memory And Novel Experience

    In studying memory, experiences, and age, the question of their relationship shows up. Our experiences help us to form memory and these memories are applied towards knowledge. Knowledge by itself is not useful if it is not demonstrative or empirical. Empiricism proposes that sensory experiences are the only way to acquire knowledge that we need. Knowledge is gained with the intention of using it to alter or improve future encounters with same or different experiences. However, the ability to…

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  • First Experience In Two Kinds

    In the same first experience, she would see this as one of the greatest opportunities to have. She believed that you could be anything you wanted to be in America. Unlike Jing-Mei, her mother felt like this was the prodigy that Jing-Mei should live up to. She would have done anything to make sure Jing-Mei would become a piano genius. In the second experience, she expected her daughter to play astonishing, which was quite the opposite of what it really was. It was obvious that Jing-Mei’s mother…

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  • Social Work Field Experience

    I have wanted to be a social worker and work with children since I have been twelve years old. My dad grew up in the foster care system and is my inspiration for wanting to be a social worker and work with children who have experienced trauma. My freshman field experience opened my eyes to the many different opportunities and varied fields within the social work profession. Every other Monday throughout the spring semester, my freshman field class visited a different agency. In my field…

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