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  • Sponsored Leadership Experience

    Motivation Questions for Nipissing-Sponsored Leadership Experiences Question 1: Given your personal, academic and career goals, outline three main reasons why you are applying for this opportunity. On of the main reasons that I am applying for this opportunity stems from my desire to return to Africa. Two years ago I took part in a volunteer trip to South Africa that profoundly changed my life. I had the chance to work in an elementary school assisting in the construction of new buildings and helping the classroom teachers. It was through this experience that I truly found my passion for teaching. Seeing the impact that I could have on someone else’s life was something that I will cherish forever. As a teacher, I feel that it is very important…

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  • My Rollercoaster Experience

    Not teacher, nor my parents brought me to the conclusions I reached that day. Why, I kept asking my self, in deep thought, was this rollercoaster experience more powerful than life lessons that had been instilled in my young adolescent mind? A decision was made that day, fears were thrown aside, it was time to grown up and tackle obstacles that had been thrown in front of me. A “metal death trap,” In better words, brought a whole new view of how to go about my life. We all have a routine in…

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  • Art Museum Experience

    During my visit to the art museum I saw a lot of styles of art that I hadn’t experienced before. From glass and paintings to sculptures and photography there was quite a bit to take in. I enjoyed my trip to the Vero Beach Museum of Art much more so then I expected. Seeing all of the different pieces of art in person really seemed to intensify the experience of critiquing art in a different way than I had experienced just viewing pictures of art in class or at home. Some of the pieces really…

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  • Shopping Experience Essay

    We have all experienced our fair share of pleasant and unpleasant shopping experiences. Most of these memories from these experiences fade over time. However, some of these experiences are so phenomenal or extraordinary they have a lasting impression on us. On the other hand some of them are so unpleasant or foul that they leave us with a bad image of a once favorite store. I can recall one shopping experience that was horrendous. It happened while I was shopping for a crib at Kmart. In the…

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  • Social Work Experience Analysis

    Framework of my Social Work Experience My social work experience so far has been filled with ups and downs. I have learned a lot in this experience, and I am glad for that. Going into my practicum, I was not sure what I would be able to do while not having a license. I have also learned many things about me, and my strengths and challenges, and there were times when my experiences might have challenged both. I have also felt a sense of spiritual growth, and insight during my practicum. This is…

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  • Minecraft Username: Moderatoring Experience

    boatn Age: 16 Previous Experience: In my time playing this game I have had a great amount of experience in moderatoring and being staff on servers. My first role as staff on any server was VibalHCF. At Vibal I was trail mod for around five days before being promoted up to moderator. While I was staff on Vibal I did a number of things: screen sharing, forum administration, watching, catching and banning hackers; reading applications as well as helping out in team speak! Being able to be in that…

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  • Social Work Field Experience

    I have wanted to be a social worker and work with children since I have been twelve years old. My dad grew up in the foster care system and is my inspiration for wanting to be a social worker and work with children who have experienced trauma. My freshman field experience opened my eyes to the many different opportunities and varied fields within the social work profession. Every other Monday throughout the spring semester, my freshman field class visited a different agency. In my field…

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  • Essay On Cultural Field Experience

    My cultural field experience was attending a Buddhist Meditation meeting. This was out of my typical culture for two reasons; first, I am Christian, not Buddhist, and two, I have not ever meditated or even witnessed someone meditating to my knowledge. I will admit that I generally look on meditation as a waste of time that can be used to complete something constructive. I was a bit nervous about attending as it was an experience I was completely unfamiliar with and I had no idea of what to…

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  • First Experience In Two Kinds

    In the same first experience, she would see this as one of the greatest opportunities to have. She believed that you could be anything you wanted to be in America. Unlike Jing-Mei, her mother felt like this was the prodigy that Jing-Mei should live up to. She would have done anything to make sure Jing-Mei would become a piano genius. In the second experience, she expected her daughter to play astonishing, which was quite the opposite of what it really was. It was obvious that Jing-Mei’s mother…

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  • Personal Experience: Pursuing A Career In Medicine

    EMPLOYMENT, RESEARCH, VOLUNTEER, & EXTRACURRICULAR EXPERIENCES Paid Employment #1 Supervisor, pharmaceutical recruiter As a team leader of scientific recruiters, I was able to utilize my leadership skills and recieved exposure to the job requirements of various clinical professionals. I led a team of recruiters and offered conceptual knowledge of the terminology used in clinical environments. The companies which I staffed for included: Novartis, Biogen, Bayer, Abbott, and Exedra. I learned a…

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