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Minecraft Username: boatn Age:
Previous Experience:
In my time playing this game I have had a great amount of experience in moderatoring and being staff on servers. My first role as staff on any server was VibalHCF. At Vibal I was trail mod for around five days before being promoted up to moderator. While I was staff on Vibal I did a number of things: screen sharing, forum administration, watching, catching and banning hackers; reading applications as well as helping out in team speak! Being able to be in that role really helped me become experienced in being staff for any server. It was great to experience the community and what it is like to be staff on a HCF server.

My second staff role was being staff on MergePots. There wasn't many players but it still taught me to be a good staff. Being staff on this server allowed me to gain experience in practice which I think would make me a great asset to the staff team. I helped a huge amount in team speak as well as in game and gained a lot of tips and tricks to do with screen sharing. I would say I am knowledgeable in screen sharing and general hacked client/ cheats as I learned about different programs and clients that can be used. I did later have to resign for educational reasons.
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This server is a small HCF server, but again, I gained experience in screen sharing and generally helping people out. With my experience I think I could be great for the server. I had a manager role on this server which gave me a lot of experience in dealing with other staff members, looking through application and general forum moderation. I had to also make a staff guide and ss tool so therefore I know what it takes to be a good staff member and what the expectations

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