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  • Definition Of Leadership

    1. Definition of leadership For different people, cultures, genders, backgrounds, situations, and environments, leadership defined varies per person. For example, a leader for a baseball team can be a coach. Someone who is going to push you to your limits, yell at you a little, and give you the greatest motivation after you lose a game. A general definition is an approachable and competent person who serves individuals or groups in need of interaction and guidance. A leader should be approachable because although leaders usually seek out those in need, sometimes an unexpected person may need help that is not under a leader’s radar. Approachability will allow others to approach you at ease with their problems or situations and tend to be more…

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  • Leadership And Leadership Theory: The Definition Of Leadership

    Leadership is a hard word and position to define. A good question to ask is what is leadership and what is a leader? It has a multitude of meanings and can differ from person to person with their views of what a leader is. No one person’s definition is truer than another’s when regarding what a leader and leadership is. There are many theories that seek to define what leadership is. Theories like the great man theory, trait theory, behavioral theory, contingency theory, transactional theory, and…

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  • The Definition Of The Word Leadership?

    Definition of leadership has been defined by different people with different ways. Thus, what is the concrete definition of the word “leadership”? Each of us will have our own different answers. In the dictionary, the word “leadership” has been defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organisation or the ability to do this. Leadership is not a quality but it is an individual’s behaviour. For me, leadership is an act of persuading or influencing people to achieve a common goal.…

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  • Definition Essay Leadership

    Leadership Throughout the Years A point guard yelling and making plays to win. And a New York legislature leading the government. All of these examples of leadership show that one person is willing the take charge and lead a group/person the success. An example of leadership is when a student is falling behind in their school work and the teacher is pleased to stay after school and give the student extra help on their assignments. Another way leadership could be defined is that someone is…

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  • Personal Definition Of Leadership

    1. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the simple literal definition of leadership is: a position as a leader of a group, organization, etc.; the time when a person holds the position of leader; and/or the power or ability to lead other people. Leadership may also be defined by more profound descriptions by business professionals, politicians, coaches, military leaders, etc. Tom Landry, former coach of the Dallas Cowboys, defined leadership as, “the ability to get people to do what they…

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  • Definition And Characteristics Of Leadership

    Leadership and its definition can vary depending on the context. According to Cox (2016), leadership is a person’s ability to intentionally influence other people, resulting in structure, facilitation, guidance and relationship building for team members. Displaying effective leadership skills means being able to adapt to changing environment and inspire others to meet a collective goal (Cox, 2016). Necessary skills that a leader must display include the ability to be flexible, build trust,…

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  • Servant Leadership Definition

    The dictionary defines leadership as “the action of guiding a group of people or an organization” (“Leadership” n.d.) and service as “the action of helping someone.” (“Service” n.d.). Therefore, combining these terms to define servant leadership would produce: the action of guiding a group of people or an organization by helping them. This is a rather simple definition of servant leadership that has been questioned and analyzed by four authors, making the actual definition of servant…

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  • Coast Guard Leadership Definition

    1. Leadership, according to the Coast Guard, is influencing others to achieve a goal. This is a simple definition that explains a highly complex idea in an extremely basic form. The differences between good and bad leadership is not given, instead the reader of this short definition is left with the inclination that as long as a given goal was completed, then leadership must have occurred. A tyrant, however, can influence people to accomplish goals through intimidation, but that is not an…

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  • Traditional Leadership Definition

    Definitions of Leadership The term “leadership” has an array of meanings to many researchers that has led some to distinct areas in their research. Merriam-Webster defines leadership as “capacity to lead” and “the act or an instance of leading.” Additionally, several authors have studied leadership and have defined leadership with specific meanings related to their studies. Traditional Leadership Definitions Northouse (2007) defines leadership as a process. It is not a trait or characteristic…

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  • 2.2 Definitions Of Leadership Essay

    2.2 Definitions of Leadership Over the last several decades leadership research has proliferated to build our knowledge on “what constitutes leadership, where it comes from, how it can be measured, what contributes to its being ethical or unethical, how people see it differently and why, how the context alters its interpretation, and what happens when it is substituted for or replaced” (Avolio et al., 2003; Gardner et al., 2010). Thus, leadership is considered as a fundamental element in the…

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