Definition Of Leadership Essay

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Leadership is a key ingredient to succeed at any goal in life. These goals may come in any form. One may be becoming a supervisor of a section of a business or even becoming an executive officer for a major company. However you look at leadership, it requires a set of traits that are found in many leaders around the world. What is leadership? How do we define leadership? In this essay, I will describe leadership from different aspects of the word. Leadership is not innate but a learned ability. The traits that are found in many leaders are innate in some people.
The reason behind my theory is that leadership is not innate, but a learned behavior trait developed as a person matures in his or her beliefs and values through life experiences. I believe Leadership is a combination of human traits developed through experience. These beliefs and values
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The first one is defined by the United States Army. Leadership is the ability to influence others to accomplish a task by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. The second definition is produced by Peter Drucker; Leadership is nothing more than a person who has followers. Is a person with followers a leader? I say no. Leaders are people who possess certain traits that are believable for themselves and others. Even if one does not have followers, that person can still be a leader. There are hundreds of personality traits that can be defined as a characteristic of leadership. Honesty, integrity, personal courage, forward looking, inspiring, and decision making are just a few we can connect to the demeanor of a leader.
Leadership is a role of responsibility. Showing leadership is being a good role model for others, setting the example, encouraging, providing comfort in one’s ability, and directing a team’s effort to a common goal. Leaders are a great necessity to society because they will be there to try and point you in the right

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