First Experience In Two Kinds

Register to read the introduction… In the same first experience, she would see this as one of the greatest opportunities to have. She believed that you could be anything you wanted to be in America. Unlike Jing-Mei, her mother felt like this was the prodigy that Jing-Mei should live up to. She would have done anything to make sure Jing-Mei would become a piano genius. In the second experience, she expected her daughter to play astonishing, which was quite the opposite of what it really was. It was obvious that Jing-Mei’s mother was very ashamed and embarrassed of her daughter. She probably wished that her daughter cared and wanted her to do well on her performance. In the third experience, Jing-Mei’s mother was treated like she was a horrific one. She was reminded about the two babies that she lost when she left China. After Jing-Mei used this information against her mother, she probably felt awful. Being reminded of this tragic event made her

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