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  • Reflection Of Oppression In The First Day Of Class

    Before entering the class I knew what the word oppression meant, but when asked to define the term on the first day of the course, I struggled to find words. I thought of words and phrases that related to oppression like “a sense of hopelessness” and “unfair”, but none of these words adequately summed up the term. Oppression was loosely defined on the first day of class as, “cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority.” As the class continued, we added other details to add to the concept, such as human flourishing and voice. These additions added a depth to oppression that I had never before considers and I thought about the fact that if the single term “oppression” had so many layers, the stories of those behind the word must have even…

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  • Self-Assessment: My First Day In My Writing Class

    Self-Assessment I remember my first day in my writing class, I was very nervous about writing. I had never taken a writing class before so you can understand why. I have always loved to read but mostly for fun. My first essay was a narrative. I chose to write about an event that took place when I was younger. I must have written over four different essays before I eventually settled on this particular topic. I started to write and so many things where new to me. Where do I…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay About My First Day Of Class

    Upon entering WRC the first day of classes, I had the utmost confidence. I believed my writing was near perfection, due to my pricy and challenging high school education. I still believe that I learned a lot from high school, but this class required a different type of writing that I had yet to experienced. WRC 1013 demanded academically researched papers, which I had done before, but in the past it had been strictly research. In these papers I had to convince my audience of something and why it…

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  • Strike Rate In Cricket

    It was a memorable day for the entire Pujara family as India 's number three Cheteshwar Pujara reached his second successive and his ninth hundred in Test format on Friday, that too in his first innings as an Indian Test batsman at his hometown, Rajkot. Considering the match situation, it was a significant knock in many ways. India were 47 for 1 when the local boy Pujara came into the crease and along with Murali Vijay, played almost a match saving innings. Meanwhile, during the course of that…

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  • First Day Of School Harry Wong Analysis

    “What you do on the first days of school will determine your success or failure for the rest of the school year. You will either win or lose your class on the first days of school”. (Wong 1). When planning for the first day of school, it will be important to win my class over immediately, like Harry Wong discusses in his article. In order to win your class over, time preparing is essential for the first day of class. As a teacher you might not have the opportunity to know your next year’s…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day In My School

    nervously surprising on this day. The day before this day I was tiresome. I didn’t manage my time to when to go to sleep and woke up so tired. I was ready though; I was ready for my first day as a sophomore. Before i tell you this, the day could’ve been better, but i could handle it. I wake up and get ready for the day to start. I had butterflies in my stomach because i was also nervous on who was going to be in my class. I get ready for my day. My brother is starting off as a 9th grader, so i…

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  • Social Issues In The Book Legend

    boy and girl called Day and June, Day is a kid with lots of street smarts and scored a 1500/1500 but the government said that he scored a 675/1500. Day and June are later best friends in the story. Day lives in one of the poor sectors were the plague is a common issue. While the people in the first class, like June is living in a beautiful apartment spending life swimming in money. Days brother is infected with the plague Day has to get a vaccine before his brother gets even worse. If you didn't…

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  • My First Day Of High School Narrative Essay

    high school as being fun and interesting. As I looked down at my class schedule I heard the first-hour bell ring. The class had come to an end and I started to walk into the hallway, I remember seeing my friends and we talked. Approaching the cafeteria, I saw deans in the room as they were there to make sure students did not sneak in. I bought a water bottle and sandwich. I checked my watch to see there were four minutes left before the third-hour starts. Starting to walk to the bathroom I…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Stone Mountain Middle School

    is going to school in America for the first time in his life. He is going to Stone Mountain Middle School. In the school he would encounter many new things, constantly meeting new people, going to classes, and finding out his classes. He would have an awesome experience with the school and how he get along with everyone. He would also improve his English, reading, writing and speaking. It is Hsi Hsi’s first day of school, it is also his first middle school in the Unites States. Stone Mountain…

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  • College Is Stressful

    Keep Calm and Keep Calm Again Assignments due, finals week, and wishing they were home with their family; those are all things first semester college freshmen stress out about. College is very stressful, but there are many ways a student can stay calm and not stress out over the little things. Although some might say that being a first semester college freshman is stressful no matter what, others would say that with the help of being organized, going to their classes every day, and making time…

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