Heary Family Vacation

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I interviewed my grandma on the Heary side and found out some interesting facts that I never knew before. We started talking about where the Heary family came from, and what she told me was that the Heary 's were German, Irish, and a little bit French. My grandma told me that she never knew we were French until one day my grandpa, who passed away this past fall, was talking about him having French ancestors. She also did not know that we had any Irish relation until my great aunt told her that our relative from Ireland sent her a letter in the mail. What she did know was that my great great grandmother was a German immigrant. My great great grandmother also spoke German and passed some of that German down to my great grandmother, who passed …show more content…
That dinner consists of my uncles, only one of them is married, his kids, my great aunts and uncles from the Heary and Krug side. Another tradition is that every year since before I was even born we have gone on a family vacation. That family vacation consists of my family, my grandma Heary, grandma Schneider, my moms brother, my moms sister and her family, and also our other relatives from the Schneider side. Our favorite place to go on vacation is Sandbridge, VA. We have been to many other places on vacation, but we prefer Sandbridge because it is very peaceful and has an abundance of activities just right down the road at Virginia …show more content…
While looking through the family tree, Marlee and I found out the names of our great grandparents, as well as our great great grandparents. Our great grandparents on my grandfather side we already knew a little bit about. Their names were Leo and Anna Schneider. Leo and Anna had 11 children, 6 boys, and 5 girls. All 11 children went on to get married and have children. Because all 11 children went on to have children of their own, that means that I have a numerous amount of cousins, or as my grandmother would say "there are Schneider 's all over the place". My great grandparents on my grandmothers side were named Elmer and Delores Loeffler. Strangely, Elmer and Delores only had one child and that was my grandmother. At that time, being an only child was very strange. Both Elmer and Delores died before my mother was born, so we do not know all that much about them. One thing that I do know about my great grandfather is that he was a soldier in World War I. My great great grandparents on my Schneider side were named Martin and Catherine Schneider, and George and Anna Mertz. Martin and Catherine were the mother and father of my great grandfather, Leo, and George and Anna were the mother and father of my great grandmother, Anna. On the Loeffler side, my great great grandparents were named David and Mary Cashman, and John and Louisa Loeffler. David and Mary were the parents

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