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  • Short Story: Death Love Story

    Death Love Story Blearily, Natalie opened her eyes. The blue sky spread out above her and the vivid color confused her. How did she get here? When she tried to look around a blast of white and darkness filled her vision. Pain. She came to the sky again. Sounds came to her and she heard the blasting of a car horn. The sound brought the memory back. They had been driving when another car knocked her off the road. She lost control of the car and remembered screaming her brother’s name when the car went airborne. She whimpered when she tried to move again. Where was Ben? Calling out for him didn’t work. Looking down she felt a rushing wave that distorted her vision. Blood and bone were twisted and lay all wrong. She called for her brother again. Nothing. When she screamed for him and got no reply, the world started to fade back. Details became hazy even as she fought to stay awake. “Hey,” a voice called to her. She opened her eyes and focused on a pair of eyes so dark they looked black. The voice called to her again and she needed to tell him about Ben. Nothing mattered but her younger brother. “Where’s Ben?” she begged. The man looked over then back at her. “He’s ok. A bit bruised but he’ll be fine. I need you to keep your eyes open for me, ok?” She tried to nod but the attempt left her breathless. “What happened? The car?” Sadly he replies, “You were hit pretty hard. You must’ve been thrown from the car.” What she heard him not say was that the car was totaled. She…

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  • Theme Of Love In The Story Of An Hour

    Sometimes emotions are hard to recognize especially when it comes to love. This point is made throughout “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and also throughout story “Ind Aff or Out of Love in Sarajevo” by Fay Weldon. Love is not always what it seems to be in both “Ind Aff or Out of Love in Sarajevo” and “The Story of an Hour.” In Kate Chopin 's “The Story of an Hour,” the scene is set during the Industrial Revolution. A time when girls were married off at early ages and were only seen as…

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  • Change A Love Story Analysis

    At the beginning the semester, we are all required to read a novel named “Change: A Love story” which was written by Ama Ata Aidoo. In general, this book talks about the concepts of love, marriage, and family in Sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, it provides us two different values, traditional values and modern values, and shows the conflict between them. In this reflection, I would list and analyze each main character in the novel at first. Then investigating what kinds of culture are shown on…

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  • Analysis Of Temporary Love Story

    looking for love in our in our life. A woman looks for sweetheart who turns to be spouse. Mostly we find more love from our parent whom treasure and respect every step of the way. Love is almost inexpressible in some situation .we all or rather everyone wishes for unconditional love and more understanding in our differences. In the book a good fall, particularly in temporary love story it describes on how partners settle for whatever makes them feel good temporary, sex, money, entertainment and…

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  • The Goddess Of Love In The Story Of The Iliad

    Books I-III The story of the Iliad starts 9 years into the Trojan War. The reason the Achaeans and Greeks were battling it out like schoolboys was over a girl, Helen of troy, formerly the bride of Menelaus, who had run away with the prince of troy, Paris, who was granted the love of the most beautiful woman at the time by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, on the condition the he declared her the paramount goddess. He did, and thus he was awarded the love of Helen. Menelaus declares war on the…

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  • The Story Of The Movie 'Love On A Limb'

    Last fall, I was immensely intrigued and entertained by the original holiday film October Kiss that premiered on the Hallmark network. I will admit that I knew very little about the lead actress, Ashley Williams, but I never forgot her. Imagine my surprise when I found myself reading a poignant blog post a short while ago that was written by that very same actress. And not only did I discover that she was the star of the upcoming Hallmark film Love On a Limb, but in that same evening, I made a…

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  • Love In The Story Of An Hour Essay

    The word love is one that is heard frequently on a daily bases in our society. While the meaning behind the word is anything but simple. The dictionary definition of love encompasses anything from a strong affection towards someone from kinship or personal ties to attraction based on sexual desire, to warm attachment and in a spiritual context of being unselfish and benevolent concern for the good of others. (Love). The stories, What We Talk About When We Talk about Love and The Story of an…

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  • Rain: My Love Story

    Rain is refreshing. Rain is gloomy. Rain renews love and rain washes away love. For me, rain brought love and took it away. It gave me hope and left me heartbroken. I used to think that my partner and I were two rain droplets on a window that came together to become one as they slipped down the window. It did bring me great happiness and joy for a couple of years. During that time, I loved the rain. It signified my love story. Then one day my love left me and it rained all night. Rain is a two…

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  • The Love Story Of Manale Dagnew

    Manale Dagnew – Ethiopian born, fashion designer, artist, and entrepreneur Synopsis: Manale Dagnew has left a lasting impact in the world of haute couture wedding gowns in America. She went on to become one of the top 5 respected bridal designers in the U.S. and was awarded the Magic Jones Award for her achievements in 2000. Manale’s story begins in Gondar, Ethiopia. As was the custom at that time, her parents arranged marriage resulted in a true love story. They were quick to be recognized…

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  • The Love Story Of The Vow

    Can a Romantic Movie Relate to Modern Romance? Have you ever watched a movie about people falling in love? If so, you have watched a romantic movie. Romantic movies can be defined as a genre wherein the plot revolves around the love between two protagonists (“The script lab”, 2013). There are many romantic movies, but, the one that will be discussed in this essay will be the movie “The Vow”. So, how does this movie portray modern romance? These questions will help answer that question: 1) What…

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