A Good Love Story Analysis

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1. A good love story encompasses more than just romantic love. Love is present in every corner of our lives, whether romantic, familial, friendship, etc. A good love story can bring out strong emotions that represent the struggles and success of life. It shows the journey that we have and the relationships we make in our lives with different people. Pride and Prejudice exemplifies different versions of love that is not centralized on romantic love between a man and a woman. Even though the book focuses a lot on Elizabeth Bennet’s journey in searching for love when marrying someone, it also demonstrates the love that exists between parents and their children, siblings, friends, and cousins. In different chapters of the book, Jane …show more content…
A good love story contains forbidden love and entices readers to keep on reading to find out how these tragic star cross lovers end up. Take a look at one of the most famous love stories that were written years ago, Romeo and Juliet. The tension that has been displayed between the two star-crossed lovers and their families throughout the entire story allows readers to anticipate what will happen next. Readers pity these characters and try to imagine what it feels like if they were in their shoes. The forbidden component of love brings out the passion and determination of two people who love each other so much that against all odds are able to stay together. The love that they share exceeds all other challenges ahead of them. This kind of love proves that love is all that you need and it can help you conquer all things. It shows that love is one of the greatest sacrifices you can make and it is worth all that you give. Love is able to fulfil everything that you ever wish …show more content…
Love stories demonstrate the understanding of different themes, normative or not, in society and change the perspectives of readers. The stereotypes of love stories are defied by the dark themes that can be associated. Since love is such a universal idea and feeling, it can even be related to themes such as death. Through the death of a loved one, our experience and view of love change. These unusual themes that are associated with love stories act like gadflies for readers. Reading through these stories, readers question their original beliefs on these themes and reflect on the issues and topics brought out by these love stories. As a young child, I would relate to the stereotypes of love stories placed by our culture and think of love stories as a quick read with no serious lessons that can be learned. But, as I grow older and take the time to consider what these love stories are trying to convey, I find contradictions to my belief about love stories and how they do have purpose and lessons for us. Through reading love stories such as Pride & Prejudice, Norwegian Wood and Fates & Furies, I learn about the different values of love, gender and family in specific cultures and era, unreciprocated love and the manipulations and lies of a

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