Mr Bennett Pride And Prejudice Analysis Essay

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Pride and Prejudice essay
Mr. And Mrs. Bennett
Nosey And Detached Present throughout Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice are the themes of marriage, love, and family these themes are not better represented than in the Bennett family. The principle family of concern in the novel, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett undoubtibly love their five daughters. The novel is heavily influenced by consequences and simply wouldnt function without them. Mr. Bennett is a prime example of being affected because he has been misfortuned by consequences. By marrying a woman, just she is silly and flirty he found out hastiy marriage based on beauty and isnt a sound investment. Leaving him saddled with a crabby and absurd wife and five daughters
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Mr. Bennett is is sarcastic and detached. While Mrs. Bennett is foolish and tries hard to marry off her daughters. Both characters In regards to the foil of Mrs. and Mr. Bennett illuminating the meaning of the work, the aspects in which the Bennetts foil are some of the major themes in the novel. Family is a huge aspect of the Bennetts lives and how Mr. and Mrs. Bennett differ
In this family we have Mr. Bennet who is sarcastic and detached. Then we have Mrs. Bennet who is foolish and tries endlessly to get her daughters married. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are opposing figures. Mr. Bennet tries to stay away from issues dealing with his family while Mrs. Bennet puts her nose in everything to try and make sure it works out the way she wants it to

Uhh intro paragraph going over the main points and having witty comments on the subject and briefly mention how the foils illuminate the meaning of the work Main dealio is maybe breifly explain who the chracters are nd the role they play I would say that Mrs. Bennett is the main chracter of the pair because she is the one who is addamant anout the girls getting married and encourgaing their actions while their father is alloof to this and is in turn foiling the

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