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  • The Importance Of Being A Human Being

    it is to give an explanation of what it really means to be a human being until you come across an alien who has no idea at all what a human being even is. In fact, some call it a futile effort to try understanding human beings as a subject. Moreover, studying life itself is an arduous assignment, but when you compare this to studying the human being, you realize it is easier to study life generally without probing the specific elements of the lives of humankind. In this paper, I hope that will be able to explain myself to an alien from another planet. However, it has never met a creature of my kind before; yet, I have to make it clearly understand what (who) I really am. The following is my explanation: I am one of the living creatures on this earth belonging to a species known as “human beings.” The human creature has a lot to do with reason; human beings are conscious beings—we have feelings, emotions, and reactions. The difference between us and all the other living creatures on planet earth is that our mind is developed in a way that we can relate with each other through our ability of understanding all aspects of life, for instance: weather, health, culture, and religion, among others. At the same time, we are superior to other earthly beings whose safety and habitation we take care of and ensure. As a human, I have a role to ensure that peace prevails amidst all human interactions, for the well being of human life as a whole. If you use your ray gun on me, I will no…

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  • Human Trafficking In Human Beings

    On coming from Stone Age to modern sophisticated age, humans have changed a lot in the view of perception, in the field of science and technology, on the way of living. Something that has not been changed is the human exploitation. Long time ago, humans were exploited in the name of slavery system, but now they are exploited in the name of human trafficking. Now, the world has become materialistic and artificial. People love more for what we have rather than who we are. People judgment…

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  • The Morality Of Euthanasia As A Human Being

    Haiyan Piao Michaela Vargas English 120 May 9, 2012 As a human being As a human being, people who agree with euthanasia should shame on their ignorance about evolution of human kind. I know that this would be quiet mean to say, but I will be willing to blame them for our future generation. Important thing that people should keep in mind for human kind is that we obviously could not have been evolved as an intellectual human without respecting of human life. Since primitive era,…

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  • The Importance Of Human Beings

    Human Beings may or may not be a natural thing to become violent because life can be difficult and especially living in the United States. The reason is because in certain places just because human beings are not dressed casual they get mistreated, denied, and rejected. Also, the color of their skin and speak will be treated like a ghost. An example would be when I was driving by Los Angeles I wanted to use the restroom and I was treated like a homeless and I was denied. If I was to be violent I…

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  • Definition Of Being Human

    Although we could never really define human, there are several ways that we can describe humans. There are different ways that people can describe what it means to be human, based on their own beliefs. There is no answer because it is subjective. Some believe that in order to be a human all that is needed is a spirit; some believe somewhere in between: in order to be a human, you must have a spirit and body. For others, being human means being free and being able to make your own choices. I…

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  • Being Human Essay

    Being human encompasses several aspects one experiences through physical and psychological interaction. While the different interpretations of correct behavior conflict through ideas being spread in the world, how they impose on human’s shapes what it means to be human. Perception of the physical world gives people the ability to interpret things, their natural ability to compete for resources makes humanity continue to exist and power gives them the ability to extrovertedly grow. Human…

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  • Susceptible Human Being Analysis

    Susceptible Human Being: Hiding Behind the Psychological Concept Engineers should never ignore the political and social aspects from their professional task. If they remain ignorant toward their own work, the technological tragedy similar to Auschwitz would be repeated in no time. Auschwitz is an example of a major flaw in technological evaluation, as the engineer inside the project would proceeds any kind of order even though it is considered as an immoral action. One to mention is the human…

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  • What Are Human Beings Made Of?

    What are human beings made of? Like it says in Genesis 2:7 The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” I believe that the soul and the spirit are in the a way similar but also different, I feel like the body is separate from the soul and the spirit because we can control our body and we cannot really control our spirit. I believe that the spirit and soul are similar in a way because they both are what…

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  • Are We Human Beings Essay

    Are we human beings? I have asked this question from a myself a million times. It has been 2 days since I watched something that has boggled my mind upside down. So I decided to understand the real meaning of the word ‘Human’ and ‘Being’. Interestingly, I found that the meaning of the word ‘being’ is existence. Now, I asked myself another question. Do we really care about ‘our’ existence? On a fine Saturday afternoon in Beijing, I decide to write about my feelings after I watched a…

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  • Humans Are Social Beings Essay

    Humans are social beings. Discuss two effects (both negative and positive) that Facebook has contributed to the change of society. Cite at least one resource. Write a multi-paragraph response. Man is a social animal. Just like every human being has a basic instinct for food, water, shelter and physical love, they also have a need for being recognised and loved socially. They require being part of a social group, having friends who they can share their innermost thoughts with and express their…

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