Philosophy Of Being Human

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A Philosophy of Being Human: Reflections of a Student Nurse

The main purpose of this paper is to present the philosophy of man, that he is a social being with relation and association to nursing practice. This paper seeks to prove that man is, by nature, a society-inclined being. This paper will discuss points on what makes man a social being. It will also present philosophical theories related to the given argument and apply it to the nursing theory and practices. For Aristotle, "Man is by nature a social animal" (Hossain & Ali, 2014), and "Man is a political animal" (Jin, 2014), which says that man survives through interaction with other human being and engages himself to political and communal activities. Man is a social being in a
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Villages result from multiple households and from the association of these villages invite the development of a city-state where politics is being exercised.

However, in a different perspective, man is naturally ordered toward himself according to Thomas Hobbes, and that we can observe man in society behaving selfishly. He works for himself for the attainment of his own happiness and that it is only through civilization that rescues humanity.

Another counter-argument is that the claim mentioned above has its limitation, as for the claim that as man being social and relational, he must successfully exercise his self-expression through communication and interaction to others. A comatose patient cannot do so, he is unresponsive to people and his environment and cannot display self-expression as well. He also cannot respond to pain and other stimulus. He cannot be able to interact with the people around him. Similar situation goes as for people with autism. They have difficulty with communicating through language and has problem with forming social relationships with other people. Their own body prevents them from doing so. Just because these people fail to utilize such functions, does that make
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He outlives through interaction and formation of social relationship and would continuously commit to these relationships as he would grow. He gained knowledge, experiences and skills through encounter and influence with and to other human beings. He began to utilize his skills of communication for self-expression, exchange of ideas and organization. He grew family, friendship, experienced competition and most importantly, developed sense of morality through reasoning. His relation to other human beings taught him development of human characteristics, aspects and behaviors that made him a human being. Man is a political animal, such that, he learned to commit and be engaged to political and communal activities. He learned to establish traditions, customs, rituals, ethics, values, social norms and laws that formed the core of human society. His needs initiated him to form relationship with others, consequently resulting to formation of family and then village and finally, city-state wherein politics is fully exercised by the people of society. We are a social being and that we continuously communicate and form relationship to God, ourselves, to our families, friends, and to the society as general. Our human nature is best accomplished through association

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