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  • The Importance Of Relationship And Child Relationships

    Relationships As many people already know, a relationship is the way two or more people are connected whether it is tied to a relationship with your family, peers, and/or intimate relationships. A person can have different types of relationships with different people, and each group is different. For example, when a person is in an intimate relationship, they are going to engage in it differently than they would with their peers. There are boundaries set with every bond that a person has with each individual. In one of the articles, it was said that Bowlby’s theory specifies that attachment recognized in parent-child relationships will determine the value of relationships formed during one’s adulthood years (Caron, A., Lafontaine, M., Bureau, J., Levesque, C., & Johnson, S. M., 2012). There are several different forms of attachment when it comes to a child and the caregiver. Most children experience secure attachment in which they show some distress when their caregiver leaves, but are able to compose themselves and continue to do whatever they were doing, because they know the caregiver is going to return. Having a secure attachment with a parent(s), makes the child feel protected and are able to depend on them returning. Family relationships can be very important when an adolescent is growing up and transitioning into his/her adulthood. Children look up to their parents and learn from their behaviors. In fact, children observe their parents’ patterns and develop an overall…

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  • Relationships And Family Relationship

    In the past, forming a relationship and family with another person revolved around economic and class status reasons, rather than love and emotions, as we see in today’s society. Today, selecting a mate is the duty of the individual who is seeking the relationship, rather than the duty of his/her parents or other authority figures in her community. These changes make forming a relationship with someone of a different social class and/or ethnic background than yourself more common in today’s…

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  • Breakup Relationships: The Consequences Of A Relationship

    in a relationship doesn’t always work out as planned. Depending on certain factors, ending a relationship can have some serious consequences on individuals, specifically on college students. Breakups can reassure a person of who they are, raise their self-esteem, increase their motivation to succeed in future goals, and really look for an individual with the same values as themselves. Sadly, this is not always the case. A breakup can lower a person’s self-esteem, increase stress, have unstable…

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  • Relationship: The Importance Of Communication In Relationships

    To most, being in a relationship is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of one’s life. Considering the significance of relationships, it is always in one’s best interest to make them fulfilling, and the most important part of making a relationship work is communication. There are a multitude of factors that differentiate types of communication whether it is one’s gender, personality or position. With this being said, it is imperative for couples to understand how they and their…

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  • Relationships And Social Relationship

    Social Relations: Maintaining Relationships and Group Membership SNSs facilitate maintaining relationships, frequent communication, and establishing connections. Recent studies found motivation to be one of the most important predictors of online activity (e.g., the amount of time spent on SNSs per day, the number of times individuals check their profiles) (Ross et al., 2009; Spitzberg, 2006). The most recurring finding argues that the primary motivation of using SNSs is to maintain…

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  • Relationships In Interpersonal Relationships

    legal guardians are unable to reach a valid agreement concerning their children or relationship. Some conflicts happen because of problems related to parenting styles and power. In such situations, counseling and interventions can help resolve these conflicts. While walking in the park, I was able to analyze a family of three and while observing I overheard the little girl ask if she could have ice cream after they departed from the park, her mother replied, no. The reason she thought it was…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Relationship Relationships

    In regards to reading the journal titled, “Technoference”: “The interference of technology in couple relationships and implications for women’s personal and relational well-being”. The article’s purpose is simply to determine if the frequency of technoference is the cause of relationship conflicts, this is said, to be due to, interruption of technology devices commonly placed in our lives. Collectively, the researchers of the study concluded that some types of technology use could be a…

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  • Relationships: A Reflection Of A Relationship

    Relationships are a key factor in the way individuals grow and mature. Whether the relationship is old and worn out or new and flourishing, there are lessons to be learned on the way. A relationship analysis is the best way to understand the dynamic of the relationship. It helps to make clear why the old relationship is worn out and why the new relationship is flourishing. A relationship analysis, if done correctly, can change the way the participants of the relationship communicate with one…

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  • Intercontinental Relationship And Interracial Relationships Are?

    Research Question The research topic I would like to investigate in this literature review is what people’s perceptions about interracial relationships are?” I am specifically interested in “How do people differ in their perceptions based on their social statuses? “ Another sub question is “To what extent does organizational participation hinder interracial relationships?” Summary of data collection In order to find sources for my background information I used the sources available through the…

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  • Relationships In Short Term Relationships

    A relationship can affect you in different ways. Im gonna state the most important ones. The ones especially affecting more than half of highschool students. Through breakups and all of the resons why you should pay more attention to your education. But also why and why not becasse in highschool its very important to some people. From a Recent study it shows that 85% of the people who break up from a long-term relation ship meaning ( 1–5 years) Are graudually affected way more that people…

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