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    Miscommunication According to the US divorce statistics, the rate of divorce that occurs in America is between 50% and 60%. Amongst the common factors that contribute towards the high percentages is the lack of and or poor communication within the marital relationship. According to the research, lack of communication is one of the leading causes behind the dissolution of marriage. The research study conducted by Esere, M., Yusuf, J., & Omotosho, J. (2011) was designed to test the influence of spousal communication

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  • Dating and Relationships - Long-distance Relationships Work Essay

    to look and see it. I have been away for twelve weeks now, and at times I did think all hope was lost. When that happens I just have to remind myself what my relationship really means to me, how much I want it to work. Going away to school is just another hurdle my boyfriend Tim and I have to make it over, and if we do, our relationship is going to be that much stronger.       The feelings of growing apart are hard to deal with, but as bell hooks says, "It is important to stand firm

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  • Monogomous Relationship vs. Casual Relationship Essays

    abortion in the country. Finally, the differences between a monogamous and casual relationship based mentally. There are clear differences among the two. A couple’s mental health is not the same between the two types of relationship. In a monogamous relationship, the bond and caring towards each other is closer which lowers the risk of depression for either person in that relationship. Whereas, a casual relationship is not based on bonding or caring but is more popular among students in college to

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  • Romantic Relationships Essay

    accomplices. Either ladies' socialization to be relationship experts makes them be more mindful of relationship issues, or ladies are more compelling relationship accomplices than men are, bringing about men encountering less relationship issues (Steil 1997).problems, or women were more effective relationship partners than men, resulting in men experiencing fewer relationship problems (Steil 1997) Hypotheses Problem 1: What is the level of relationship satisfaction of the respondents? Problem

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  • Essay Attachment Styles and Relationships

    in life. Even if as infants the closeness levels were low, as we grow and mature we can develop positive attachments and be in secure and healthy relationships. Psychoanalyst have long agreed that the child’s first human relationship is the stepping stone to his personality, however, there is not agreement on the nature and origin of that relationship. A child can have a caregiver at first that doesn’t exhibit closeness or caring and then later have a caregiver that creates a special bond. So does

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  • Great Gatsby essay on relationships

    The theme social class/status had an enormous influence on the failure of relationships in the novel. Both major relationships were doomed predominantly by the idea of the separation between social classes. In Tom and Myrtle’s case there is an extreme separation, Myrtle represents the ‘Valley of the Ashes’ a place of “grotesque gardens where ashes take the form of houses” while Tom represents the “white palaces of the fashionable East egg.” With Daisy and Gatsby however it is a more subtle conflict

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  • Family Relationships Essay

    people. This is the story of The Odyssey. There are many relationships in this story that influence, or that show other people in the way in which they should act. Many noble men of that time were looked upon by many families, to show there youth the way in which they should be. Noble men were looked up to, leaders of their time, role models if you will. I believe the most interesting relationship in The Odyssey is the father-son relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus. The story is about Telemachus

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  • Tension in Relationships Essay

    refers to the tension in a relationship where either party of the relationship wants the stability of a relationship but at the same time wants to be able to enjoy spontaneity. The tension of predictability versus novelty can present itself in a couple of ways. First, many couples struggle to balance the tension between their need for stability and their desire for excitement. Getting tired of doing the “same old thing” is always going to be an issue in any relationship. Individuals that are involved

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  • the relationship inventory Essay

    blueprint for measuring the closeness of interpersonal relationships. The ideal way to assess relationship interdependence, as Kelley et al. (1983) discuss, would be for an omniscient investigator Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1989, Vol. 57, No. 5,792-807 Copyright 1989 by the American PsychologicalAssociation, Inc. 0022-3514/89/$00.75 792 RELATIONSHIP CLOSENESS INVENTORY to observe the activities o f both relationship partners continuously over a very long period o f time

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  • Multiple Relationships Essay

    process. Today, the ban on multiple relationships has been downgraded to a cautioning against. However, the difficulty exists in determining which relationships are acceptable and which are not (Nickel, p. 403). Because of the varied consensus regarding multiple relationships, there is no real direction available to instruct the professional in how to proceed if the opportunity presents itself (Nickel, p. 21). However, it is recommended that these relationships be formed only when it has been deemed

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  • Essay on Controlling Relationships

    In bad relationships the two partners are often on such different wave-lengths that there is little common ground, little significant communication, and little enjoyment of each other. Remaining in a bad relationship not only causes continual stress but may even be physically harmful. An obvious harm is the physical abuse that is often a part of such relationships. In a less obvious way, however, the tensions and chemical changes caused by the constant stress can drain energy and lower resistance

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  • Relationship Styles Essay

    stress and anxiety and leaving me with trust issues that I need to address and recover from in order to rid myself of avoidant attachment style tendencies, and grow in my relationships and develop and even more secure, secure attachment style. When it comes to relationships I have the upmost confidence in my secure relationship style, with the exception of the flaws in trust in others. I understand and find comfort in knowing others can love me, and that I can find comfort in others. This understanding

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  • Business Relationships Essay

    How to Build Customer Relationships Entrepreneurs cannot take relationships with their customers for granted if they intend to sustain any long-term growth. “As many as 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience and up to 60% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience” (Honigman, 2013). There are many ways that an entrepreneur can build relationships with customers. The easiest way to build these relationships is to listen to what

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  • The Great Gatsby (Relationships) Essay

    paying her with gifts and mild affection. Myrtle thinks that by being around Tom and being liked by him she is better than her husband, even high class. This shows how truly ignorant she is and how come this relationship could never work. Myrtle and Wilson have a very destructive relationship. Wilson is totally naive of Myrtle's scandalous ways until he finds the expensive dog leash. He begins to doubt her and locks her in their room. "I've got my wife locked up in there, she's going to stay there

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  • Mother-Daughter Relationships Essay

    mother-daughter relationships. They have found that most teens are capable of having warm, close relationships with their parents. They care about their parent's opinions and hold their opinions in high regard. Many mothers and daughters who have bad rapport tend to have difficulties in their relationship for years. #Even messages in society give many people the idea that adolescent girls have strained relationships with their mothers. This just seems to make it even easier for these relationships to become

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  • Essay about Interpersonal Relationships

    avoid conflicts as much as possible. And try not to be verbally aggressive or attacking the other person. Some of my most influential interpersonal relationships started at a young age. I was around mostly family and a couple of kids that were the kids of my parents friends. The reason they are the most influential is because these relationships were developed from unconditional love. When I was younger there was no one with bad intentions for me. I created my lifelong best friend at a young

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  • Essay on Hamlet/Ophelia Relationship

    His obsession with their relationship causes his own death. His death is well deserved. Unfortunately, his death drives Ophelia insane. She loses the love of her life, her brother is far away in Paris so she has no one to go to anymore, and now her father perishes. Being driven over the edge, she does not notice that falls into a large pool of water, and before long, "her garments, heavy with their drink, pulled the poor wretch from her melodious lay to muddy death" (4.7 206-208). The significance

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  • Abusive Relationship Essay

    happiness with the abuser. The victim is not feeling this sense of alertness and tension that tells them something is wrong. There is also the deep emotional connection that the victim has with the relationship, especially if the relationship has been long-term. They have invested so much time in the relationship and put in so much

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  • Long Distance Relationship Essay

    the usage of media communication in long distance relationships through email and cell phone usage. The study observes how college students maintain interpersonal relationships using email and mobile usage to the literature on computer mediated and interpersonal communication. Long distance couples communicate with each other in colleges through cell phones, and computers. Several studies found that email predominates in long-distance relationships, especially in weak ties (Hampton & Wellman 2001;

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  • Differences in Human Relationships Essay

    jumping right into the statement of love with another individual. One must be entirely sure before reaching the conclusion that they’re in love with another otherwise, the relationship may have to be broken and someone’s feelings could truly be harmed, or the person may make the wrong decision by ending a successful relationship. The second piece of work being discussed is a short story called The Veldt by Ray Bradbury which the parents are alienated from life by a mechanized society that dehumanizes

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  • Customer Relationship Management Essay

    Consequently, a great importance attached to this concept. This paper attempts to build an integrative configuration of the concept of customer relationship management highlighting its key components. It also reviews, synthesizes and extends a critical literature on the subject. Additionally, the research methodology is a phenomenological paradigm consisting of the primary research which adopts an action research method. Also, secondary research was conducted to acquire other supplementary yet

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  • Male Relationships in Be Essay

    religious identification while continuing a trusting relationship with Gordon. As a consequence of biting the ammunition with uncertain lubricant, Pandey was initially shunned by his Indian community. It seems as though a relationship between an Indian male and a British officer was predestined to fail. Despite extensive efforts from Gordon and Pandey, the British system of discriminatory authority in India prevented the progression of a long-term relationship between the two. A Passage to India is a work

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  • Relationship Marketing Essays

    explaining the 30relationships model. The relationships were classified into a) Market relationships (drawn from market environment) b) Non-relationships (micro, macro, ) Market Relationships - consists of term forging relationship with players drawn from the market environment and they include customers, suppliers, distributors, agents, and competitors. Market relationships are further classified into two categories: 1) Classic market relationships (R1-R3) – entail those that are forged

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  • The Bone People- Relationships Essay

    The father son relationship between Joe and Simon is not like any normal relationship. Joe can be a good father at times, but is unfortunately abusive towards Simon. "Eh, I don't know why I hit you," he says in a low voice, talking more to himself than his child. "I'm drunk or I'm angry, I'm not myself… even when it's necessary to beat you o I don't know, it's not like I'm hitting you, my son…" Simons moves, and Joe looks down to see what he's saying. It feels like it is, says Simon

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  • Essay on Dual Relationships and Boundaries

    When a client pays for therapy by working in the office, this arrangement definitely constitutes dual relationships because in addition to the therapist-client relationship now there is also an employer-employee relationship. Ethical Issues The decision to enter into a dual relationship with a client is not one that should be made casually or easily. Great risk exists in this area and, consequently, the professional who is confronted with this decision must take great care to protect all parties

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  • Retail Relationships Essay

    that is going on in the store. They will also send you a coupon for your birthday. 3) Research what this retailer did in the 1990s, pre-social media to build relationships. Compare the 1990s method to the social media method used today. (Is is better off now or how it was before?) In the 1990s Payless Shoe Source built relationships with its customers with television ads and in the newspaper. I also think word of mouth was a big help as well. I do think that have advantages with what they have

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  • Customer Relationship Management Essay

    strategic perspective where “(CRM) is more than simply providing an information technology solution and building the customer information database – it is an organization process that enables a firm to measure its customer equity and manage customer relationships so as to

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  • Consencual Relationship Agreement Essay

    1. Argue for the use of Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) in your current (or future) workplace. Dating couples may keep their relationship private so the co-workers might not know their affair for certain period of time, but how long can they keep their secret without letting the colleagues realize it? Most of the organizations discourage this kind of relationship among the coworkers, so those which follow the “kiss and tell” policy would require the couple to sign on the written agreement

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  • Essay on Not Everyone Wants a Relationship

    are succeeding by drawing on an often overlooked and yet broad-based customer preference for utilitarian simplicity. It's an approach that contradicts a prevalent view in the market, which finds many institutions focused on building high-touch relationships. The assumption is that most customers value personal interaction with their financial institution and are receptive to consultative selling. Huge investments have been made in staff resources and product capabilities to pursue such strategies

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  • Customer Relationship Management Essay

    base and maintaining competitive advantage. Introduction Before one can explore customer relationship management, one must know what it is. By definition, customer relationship management is a term that “refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.” (Rouse, November

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    They are the stranger, the resource, the teaching, the counselling, the surrogate and active leadership roles. This view is also supported by Chambers (1998) who sees Interpersonal and therapeutic relationships as the centre of nursing work. This relationship often acts as the source of strength and motivation to continue treatment and sometimes the ability to persevere when faced with life threatening situations. DESCRIPTION At this stage, I will start by describing the event as it occurred at

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  • Essay on Interpersonal Relationships

    effectively communicate within my interpersonal relationships. I always am assertive when speaking. I stand my ground and make my point clear and aggression is rarely ever used. I do defend my ideas and my points fully with everyone I speak to. Even at home I do not yell at my son unless he has done something truly incorrect. I always talk to him and show him right from wrong and explain why things should be done a certain way. Interpersonal relationships are essential in life. We all need to work together

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  • Relationship Marketing Approach Essay

    regular income and over time loyal customer spend more than one off customers. It has be linked to many studies that the longer a relationship a customer has with a service provider the greater the profit can be obtained from a customer. Long term customers are cheaper to keep because marketing budget do not need to spend finding new customers (Gummesson 2002). Relationship marketing focuses on customer retention by generating loyally among companies and customers. Traditional marketing focus more

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  • A Difficult Decision: Relationship Essay

    We decided to stay together and work through our problems. We still go to counseling and our relationship is better than ever since we started communicating our feeling to each other. In conclusion, every relationship has its ups and downs but trying to pretend they don’t exist is the worst thing you can do. Be open and honest with each other. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship and a lasting

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  • Hamlets Relationships Essay

    the excerpt, Hamlet also told Gertrude not to tell Claudius that he knows of his murderous evil act. Hamlet's feelings toward his mother during the play was very just even during the closet scene where he was constantly risking her life.      The relationship between Claudius and Hamlet had many hidden meanings. The first time that Hamlet offends Claudius in the company of another person is when Claudius was suppose to help Hamlet cheer up. "A little more than kin, and less than kind" (Act 1, Scene

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  • Consumers Relationship Management Essay

    could "earn" a customer's loyalty with tickets to a big game, a Disney World vacation, a few nice dinners. And you could keep that loyalty with what used to be called belly-to-belly (BusinessWeek, Aug. 13, 2007) selling, or put less graphically, relationship-building. ” But that’s no longer enough. Here’s what’s required now, according to the Welch duo: "You are delivering something—anything—that makes you indispensable to your customer's success …The more fervently committed you are to making

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  • Dido Aeneas Relationship Essay

    The reference to her marrow-bones is probably in place to reinforce the lust that cupid had burned within her bones earlier. Her burning passion for Aeneas makes her grow physically sick. Dido has realized that her relationship with Aeneas is over, and that her compelling passion for him will bring her to an end, and she is still unable to change the course of events. When Dido learns about Aeneas's departure she is overcome by rage, and despair which brings her to the decision that she will

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  • Power of Love and Relationships Essay

    But the commonality in all of this is they like ethnic food, music and outdoors. They like spending time together and that is the attraction. An equitable relationship in attraction means that both partners feel equal in the relationship. This pertains to how the couple feels about their relationship and not how it appears on the outside. For instance, when myself and my husband got married it agreed that I would take care of the inside of the home and he would take care of the outside. It was

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  • Essay on Othellos Relationship with Iago

    If Othello can be capable of such gross violation of all military rules and practices, lago sees that he can no longer trust Othello, and that all confidence between them has virtually ceased to exist, and no longer can he hope for the intimate relationships of former days to continue. This rewarding of Cassio with a military position because of personal service to himself and Desdemona was a most dangerous thing for a general to do, and opened up all kinds of possibilities of trouble, not only with

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  • The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

    other person’s body language but also verbals, such as matching tone, pace and language to that of your client, will ease communication between the two parties. Encouraging your client to talk may seem simple, but to have the right setting and relationship for therapeutic enlightenment is far from straightforward. It is important to understand when and how to use verbals and non-verbals, and most importantly when silence is key. This has been the case a number of times within triads and I find myself

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  • Healthy Relationships Essay

    Other things that make a healthy relationship are mutual respect, honesty, trust, support, fairness/equality, separate identities, and good communication. Respect in a relationship means that each person values who the other is and understand and would never challenge the other person’s boundaries. Trust sometimes goes hand in hand with jealousy; its ok to get a little jealous sometimes jealousy is natural emotion. But how a person reacts when feelings when feeling jealous is what matters. There’s

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  • Essay on Relationships and Attraction

    This involves equity. Equity in relationships is receiving back from your partner what you put in. A relationship can be under-benefited or over-benefited. Under-benefited relationships involve someone giving more than receiving; and an over-benefited relationship involves receiving more from your partner than giving (Feenstra,2011). Bonds and relationships are natural instincts we as humans want to have. We have an innate need to belong. The need for frequent positive contact and the need for

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  • Family relationships Essay

    Fairfax, who is also situated in Highbury. The evident weakness of family relationships within the discussed families can be used in contrast to some others, although the minority. The Bates’ for example, on the one hand struggle to regain their previous superior social status in Highbury. However on the other hand, demonstrate the close family unit that many financially superior family’s lack. For, the relationship between mother and daughter is clearly of great importance and the family

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  • Relationship Abuse Essay

    of victims don't realize how slowly the abuse has gradually escalated to dangerous high. All victims who think that they may be in an abusive relationship should learn to identify the signs of an abusive partner and what normal and what's not. Look for these signs of abuse and identify them immediately so that you know you're in an abusive relationship: anything physical that might include hitting, punching, pushing, squeezing, smacking, grabbing, or any unwanted touching that is painful. Physical

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  • Healthy Relationships Essay example

    one another and whether or it is positive or negative that will determine the future of their relationship. It is very important to express anything that is on your mind to your partner. That way, both partners will feel comfortable with each other and there will be no problems with keeping secrets from one another. Building self-esteem amongst each other is a great way to uphold a healthy relationship. You should feel comfortable with your partner, your partner should

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  • Essay on Healthy Relationships

    realized that I have a voice and that if I use my words carefully in the right way while standing strong then I would not be walked on anymore. When you are in any type of relationship you must first realize that you are still you. You have a voice and you should not be afraid to use it. This goes for any type of relationship. Often times I hear people say they did something only because their boyfriend/girlfriend or friends wanted to do it. All I can say is: be assertive in situations like this

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  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships Essay

    Expression of feelings is another valuable aspect to maintain a healthy relationship. The partner should feel safe to share his/her thoughts, show affection towards one another, and by doing something that show you care. When a partner is sharing his/her thoughts, they should not keep their feelings bottled up because they are afraid it is not what their partner wants to hear or they may sound silly. These feelings should be expressed in an appropriate manner. At this point, the partner will feel

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  • Essay on The Flaw in an Impersonal Relationship

    on such ideas was entirely different. Primarily, Christianity's personal relationship with their monotheistic God endowed them with this differing perspective on sin or vice. Moreover, Stoics believed that when man fell into vice, “their souls would do violence onto themselves” (Book II: 16). Christians, on the other hand, believed that while their souls would suffer, they would simultaneously be affecting their relationship with their God. In Paul's letter to the Romans, he makes the argument that

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  • Customer Relationship Management Essay

    strategy and process that enables an organization to identify, acquire, retain, and nurture profitable customers [italics added] by building and maintaining long-term relationships with them” (p. 1266). Payne (2000) asserts that CRM is concerned with “the creation, development and enhancement of individualized customer relationships with carefully targeted customers [italics added] and customer groups resulting in maximizing *Associate Professor, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Shela

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  • Essay Functional Area Relationships

    When companies bring in Six Sigma and exceed ISO 9000 standards, it is well-known that the companies are striving to be the leader among its peers and competitors. Within the mission statement, the values are placed in the customer relationships. Long-term relationships will be sought by maintaining rigorous quality controls, innovative solutions, and a responsive business attitude and reasonable pricing (University of Phoenix, 2004). The vision and goals seem to be tied in by treating their

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