Importance Of Relationship In A Relationship

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To be in a relationship is the beautiful thing ever. But if you want it to be a rewarding one, you must do a few things from your side. A relationship is about give and take, it is about compromise, it about wants to do things together. The meaning of a relationship has changed today with everyone being independent, so it is important to not be too demanding from your partner. Though there will be a lot of love in your relationship, there is a chance it may fade away if you don’t take the effort to keep the love alive.
To base your relationship based on friendship
It is important that your partner is your friend too. A relationship based on friendship has the chance to survive all odds and become a happily ever after one. If your partner is the first
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Feeling jealous is something we can avoid if we know we can trust that person.

- To not base your relationship based on pure looks
You are naturally good-looking or you may take the trouble to look good, so you expect your partner to be good-looking or expect him to take that extra effort to look good. In case you don’t see that happening, you start getting disappointed and start comparing your partner to that charming person you met in an event you went to or start comparing your partner to your best friend’s boyfriend who is too charming and a headturner . Is it really fair? Think about it and you will get the answers you are looking for. Do you like him for his looks or the person he is?

- Talk things out openly

Out of the hundred things we talk about with our partner, there are ten things we can keep to ourselves. But it is important to share ninety percent of info with your partner and it is better not to hide anything as it may have repercussions later on. Being open and friendly means that you are in a healthy relationship which has the capacity to become a solid

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