Human Beings: Non-Human Vs. Humane

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We often associate non humans with animals and ponder on how humans are different from them. Angelina Jolie once mentioned, “The truth is I love being alive. And I love feeling free. So if I can't have those things then I feel like a caged animal...” To Jolie, she thinks that animals are all caged up, with no freedom. However, is that what non human really is? Non humans are in fact, beings not displaying the emotions, intelligence, etc., of human beings. Humans on the other hand, are beings having a sympathetic and humane side to them.

I contend the first main difference between non humans and humans is the lack of feelings and emotions. We have feelings, emotions as humans and will not kill someone for the sake of killing. In the event that
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These concepts explains why non humans are different from humans. For naturalism , humans treat themselves as the more superior party as compared to non humans. Non humans are there to be exploited and for human’s consumption. Evidence of this can be seen in literary text :The Elephant and the Tragopan (Seth 1993: 7). Non humans are lamenting over the new dam built that affected their living environment. There are also evidences of humans exploiting the animals for instance hunting the leopard for its fur, the elephant’s ivory and even ripping their flesh (to this sort of extent) to get what they ultimately desire (self interest). Mullin (Mullin 2015: 210) also emphasize the fact that humans use non humans as a form of asset or wealth , either for food or to be domesticated. Martel (Martel 2001: 13-25) narrated PI’s experience (in the zoo) of seeing the non humans being closed up in enclosures and even caged up. Sometimes, there were even coincidences of public abusing those non humans causing them to suffer or be hurt. This is how humans control the non humans. In Pandian’s reading, he mentioned that the British and the Mughal favorite activities are hunting and hunting in the past is similar to the poaching trend in recent years (Pandian 2001 :2). Hunting now, is a form of naturalism and a way that people think that they can control nature and determine the life and death of beasts. In Hungry tide by Ghosh, the fictional characters , Piya, Kanai and Fokir witnessed the killing of a tiger (Ghosh 2005: 292-295). The angry mob of villagers was set out to kill the tiger, tying it to a stick and cooking it over the flames. All these are evidences of humans trying to dominate the non human realm by exploiting them for individual’s or personal

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