My Family Vacation : The Hot, Humid, And Sweltering Heat Essay

762 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
The hot, humid, and sweltering heat that ran through out Orlando, Florida was all that people could feel. At some points you could actually see the heat waves rising. For as far as you could see, there were kids eating all kinds of sugary treats that were abnormally priced but the parents would do anything to keep their kids hydrated and happy in this heat. My parents were doing the same thing to my family that day too. We were there for an extended family vacation to reunite after years of not seeing each other.
My dad 's sister Kim and her family came the day after we arrived. They have not seen each other in about three to four years and this was a very emotional meeting for them. Two of her kids came with her, they were my cousins Mandy and Kennedy. They kind of look a like my dad and his sister, but they have different shades of skin tone. While my aunt still had hair, my dad had lost all of his. The very next day one of my mom 's sisters Jessica came with her family. She brought three of my cousins Lorenzo, Ja 'Vant, and Jan 'asya. We have always been close my family and theirs. My mother is older by almost a year and some months but she is the smaller of the two siblings. My auntie Jessica is tall and broad shouldered with a short cut hairstyle. My mother is shorter but also has broad shoulders and long hair. People always ask them are they twins. When everyone had finally arrived at the resort all of us decided to explore it, to see…

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