Racism In The Kaffir Boy By Mark Mathabane

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Throughout world history racism among whites and black has been an issue. In America, we had great civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King and many others to help end racial segregation and discrimination. However in Alexandra, those efforts were not put in after the anti-apartheid group went to protest and, “At least 67 blacks were killed and more than 180 wounded.” (History 4)Whites who lived in Africa believed that the native blacks were below them and treated them that way. An apartheid, a segregation, and discrimination because of race was put into place, and black lives were changed forever. Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane gives an inside look into the most impoverished communities and the difficult lives of all those living there. …show more content…
Often caused people to live in constant fear that they would be the next victim of an attack by local police officers, local gangs, and even domestic violence. Due to the laws of the apartheid blacks could be arrested for anything. Police officers had no concern for blacks, police officers would rip them out of their houses completely naked and arrest them out in the streets. Police would beat blacks who did not have papers. Young children did not escape police violence, if an officer suspected a child was lying to hide a parent they would be screamed at, hit or kicked, “one of them had kicked me savagely on the side, sending me crashing into a crate in the far corner… I tried to gather my sense, another kick sent me back to the floor, flat on my face..” (Mathabane 17) Sometimes having the required papers was not enough, “A young black man…despite the indignity of presenting a white police officer valid identity papers. The officer crumpled the pass at the man 's feet and took him to jail anyway.”(Pearson 1) South African gang activity was zealous during this time. It was very common to see children as young as six and seven in gangs and pressured into participating in gang fights. Often these children would grow up and become some of the most feared in the black communities known as “tsotsis”.(Mathabane 163) Children would be warned about and told to take immediate cover from these delinquent boys. The group murdered a man and “they grinned at cries… His guts were spilling.” (Mathabane 164) Even though it is a crime, murder was a common thing among to obtain the money they needed to

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