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  • Luke's Editorial Summaries In Acts 2

    II.1 Identify at least 4 passages that consist of Luke’s editorial summaries by chapter and verse In the very first chapter of Acts, we are given the traditional elements of the resurrection: Jesus speaks to the apostles, Jesus commands them to stay in Jerusalem, and Jesus tells them to wait to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, then Jesus ascends to Heaven. Luke’s editorial summaries operate distinctively within the narrative to offer the reader his personal observations and interpretations. The editorial summaries may be identified as the passages that punctuate the events, chronology, and other factual aspects of the narrative. Luke guides the reader through the events of the early movement and utilizes his commentary to amplify the unity, commonality, and growth of the movement. The first editorial summary can be found in Acts 1:12-13. Luke transitions from the generic to the specific by identifying the individuals by name who form the center of the movement. Significantly, found in Acts 1:14, the Greek word ὁμοθυμαδόν (homothumadon) appears for the one out of the eleven times it is used in the New Testament, (ten of which are in the book of Acts.) This word may be translated as “united together as one”. This is a central theme to what Luke tries to convey in his editorial summaries throughout Acts. In Acts 2:42-47, after his conversion of the 3,000, Luke again uses the word homothumadon to impress the unity in the early formation of the movement. As in Acts 1:12-13,…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Editorial Graphics, Cartoons And Advertisement

    Among the essays we read and discussed in unit one, two essays stood out more than others did. The article on Editorial Cartoons as well as Advertisement was just two key and important pieces discussed that displayed rhetorical strategies. In the essay you will learn more about these two specific articles, as well as what rhetorical strategy they displayed throughout. The first article I found very important was one involving Editorial Cartoons. Editorial Cartoons are incorporated in many…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Minimum Wage Wars

    class wants to raise that, so people working minimum wage can have better lives. In the editorial “Statewide $15 minimum wage would dump many low-wage workers onto welfare” by The Orange County Register, the author argues that if minimum wage is increased people will go on welfare. They claim that raising minimum wage will hurt the american economy rather than help it. In the editorial “You Deserve a Raise Today. Interest Rates Don’t.” by The New York Times the author argues the opposite, they…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: A Plan For Making America Great Again

    clear that the editorial is headed in a completely non-partisan direction. Thus, the title serves to pique the interest of the reader while the subtext ensures that those opposed to the candidate affiliation of the title are not immediately turned off. Simply put, the combined title and subtext effectively draws and retains attention. The first paragraph serves a quick introduction to the premise of the editorial; however, the simple sentence at the end of the paragraph also acts as a brief but…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis The Supreme Court Says Differently

    a 7 paragraph article written by the Editorial Board and published to the New York Times on January 25, 2016. In discussions of The Supreme Court’s repeated ruling over the last decade, it has become a controversial issue that it is morally and constitutionally wrong to equate offenses committed by emotionally undeveloped adolescents with crimes carried out by adults. While some argue that no matter what age, if a person where to do something so cruel, for example, kill someone, they should be…

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  • Sexual Harassment, Stereotypes, Pathos, And Cartoons

    Sexual Harassment Based on the criteria of pathos, ethos, and logos, the editorial column is better rhetorically than the editorial cartoon. The purpose of this paper is to compare an editorial column and an editorial cartoon. The two texts I am comparing is the editorial cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez and the editorial column by Megan Humphries on sexual harassment. I am comparing them because sexual assault is a big issue in our world today. It is a well-known social problem that commonly…

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  • For And Against Animal Testing Essay

    advancement Each of theses four editorials shared a common theme of those for and against animal testing for medical advancements. Three out of the four authors shared their view supporting animal testing, in addition using the history of animal testing to inform and persuade their audience. While only one author expresses their view against using animals to further medical research. Some of these pieces were more effective than others. Beginning with the editorial by the executive director…

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  • Negative Essay: Puppies For A Holiday Gift

    All over the United States, animal shelters use the holiday season to their advantage. Large-scale shelters host donation drives asking for food, toys, blankets, money, or any other kind of help needed during the busy time. Another way the holiday season helps shelters is by bringing in excited families looking for an animal to adopt into their family. In an editorial called “Puppies for a Holiday Gift” Steve Reid, the advantages to adopting a dog from a local shelter, as opposed to buying…

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  • Amy Schumer Clarifies Her Pay Gripe Analysis

    The first article, “Amy Schumer Clarifies Her Pay Gripe” by Peggy Drexler is an editorial from CNN about Amy Schumer responding to the internet outrage surrounding news of her supposedly asking for as much money from Netflix for her comedy special as David Chappelle and Chris Rock. She responded on Instagram, stating that while she did ask for more money and believes in equal pay, she does not think she should earn as much as Chapelle and Rock, who she referred to as “legends and two of the…

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  • Take Down The Confederate Flag, Symbol Of Hatred

    NYTIMES Editorial Board Introduction The Editorial Board of the New York Times relentlessly depicts the Confederate flag as a symbol of hatred and unspeakable evils that was done to African-Americans during the civil war till present day. The board through this evaluation shows that the board uses strong ethical and pathos appeals throughout the entire editorial. They were also one sided throughout the entire essay. Summary The Boards main argument is that the flag symbolizes hate and that…

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