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  • Analyzing the Treaty of Versailles Essay

    with a structure of security. To President Wilson, the League of Nations was the focal point of his position as president, although the United States never joined. President Wilson wanted the League of Nations to be the dominant plan for the Treaty of Versailles, but was unsuccessful (Wilson’s 14 Points–Analysis 1). In addition, France wanted Germany to receive more than punishment. France desired revenge on Germany. The French were the most affected on the Allied Powers because their country is

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  • The Peace Treaty That Ended Peace: The Treaty of Versailles Essay

    German people, “The government seemed too weak and incompetent to solve the nation’s economic troubles, and many Germans believed the Nazi Party represented a chance to feel pride and hope for their nation” (Stewart 50). The Germans viewed the Treaty of Versailles as treasonous and, as economic troubles mounted due to wildly rising inflation, the Weimar Republic was openly criticized and blamed for weakening Germany politically and economically. The excessive number of political parties and little political

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  • The Treaty of Versailles Essay

    had he publicly admitted he was not running for reelection once his prominence grew if the League was authorized. He also would have avoided defeat if he had been more willing to compromise with the republicans and added on a few revisions. Once the treaty was fabricated it met Republican opposition. In 1918 Wilson had appealed for a Democratic Congress to support his policy, however, due to issues at home the voters did the opposite. With Republicans in Control of both houses opposition was immense

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  • The Treaty That Started it All: How The Treaty of Versailles Contributed to Starting World War Two

    But, “The effects of the Treaty of Versailles weakened Germany’s government, and this allowed the rise of Fascism and Hitler.” (Grimshaw) Evidence shows that if the Allied Powers were a little kinder than the rise of Fascism would not have arisen. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on “June 28, 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors”, which is in Versailles, France. (Slavicek 73) Versailles, France is where “Otto von Bismarck had celebrated the French defeat in 1871 by proclaiming a German Empire.” (Magana)

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  • Essay on Treaty of Versailles

    After the war, Britain faced tough economic problems. Their exports were at an all time low due to outdated factories, high tariffs, and competition from other countries. The Treaty of Versailles would provide an opportunity to seek revenge for their losses. They also wanted German colonies in Africa. Both Britain and France had a rivalry with Germany but the French's ill feelings were even more intensive. Nationalism created tensions between France and Germany. The French resented their defeat

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  • Viewpoints on the Treaty Of Versailles Essay

    returned to France (it had been lost in the Franco – Prussian war of 1870-1871). This pleased Woodrow Wilson as well as France, because he had mentioned this in his 14 points. (Woodrow Wilson compiled a list of 14 points before the Treaty of Versailles had even been considered which he wished the League of Nations to carry out, in hope of restoring peace in the world etc.) France was also glad that Rhineland had been demilitarized, even though they did not gain Rhineland

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  • Could the Treaty of Versailles Be Justified at the Time?

    The Treaty of Versailles was created to ensure a lasting peace, and to reward the victors of the war; however, was it justified? The Treaty of Versailles was a peace settlement designed by the Allied leaders, the 'Big Three'- Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau of France, Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Britain and President Woodrow Wilson of the United States. Clemenceau wanted Germany to be punished. He had seen his country invaded, large parts of its industry destroyed and millions of its

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  • Treaty of Versailles Igcse Notes Essay

    a exceedingly hard Treaty would lead to a future revenge from germany and the start of another war. Lloyd George wanted Germany to loose its navy and its colonies because he thought they were a threat to the british empire. He didn't want to weaken germany’s economy too much because he wanted Britain to continue to trade with it, as it had done before the war. Both leaders were greatly pressured by public opinion at home in 1919, making them promise to create a Harsh treaty. b)Why did the aims

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  • Essay on The Treaty of Versailles as a Cause of WWII

    Germany was also left on its own, which meant that Hitler could come into power more easily (Document D). When on its own, Germany only had to care about the needs of its own people, not any other country's. Germany needed to gain power again in order to contest, and this proved as motivation. This ultimately caused a rift between the two sides, increasing the tension that led to war. The radical measures taken to penalize Germany for its role in the war also contributed heavily. This itself

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  • Treaty of Versailles-Cause of World War Two Essay

    to accept full responsibility for the war. When, in May 7th, 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was presented in its completion to Germany's foreign minister, Count Ulrich von Brockdorff-Rantzau, he responded with anger. He said, "It is demanded that we confess ourselves guilty. Such a confession in my mouth would be a lie" (Elson 30". After deliberation, Brockdorff-Rantzau made the decision to resign rather than sign the treaty. The ‘war guilt' clause was later found to be another way that the Big Four

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Treaty Of Versailles History Essay

    mentioned did not exist, and everyone had disarmed, then the situation could have been different. Isolating Germany in disarmament and the League of Nations was a bad idea, as they used it as an excuse to break the Treaty later, which was one of the causes of the Second World War. The Treaty had the aim of prolonged peace, and the isolation through disarmament was one of the reasons it did not fulfil its aim. The failure of the League of Nations was a huge weakness; it failed because America, Russia

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  • Essay on How the Treaty of Versailles Affected Germany

    status. Her reputation as one of the great powers was no longer. Germany’s new rank on the scale of world powers was one that her people found unacceptable and intolerable. As more and more stipulations were placed upon Germany, and many aspects of the treaty were coming to light to the German people, the displeasure with this failing democracy only rose. All of the problems facing Germany at this time had solutions – all of these solutions were extreme and therefore represented by extremist parties. There

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  • Wilson's 14 Points vs. the Treaty of Versailles Essay

    Also, the treaty did not require any of the other countries to perform even the slightest demilitarization. After a certain point, the Germans found ways to avoid the law, and when Hitler came to reign he defied them completely by beginning to draft citizens again, building the status of the navy and air force, and he also began the construction of submarines again. He went so far in his power that he was even able to annex Austria. Even though Wilson's point had been made a part of the treaty, it was

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  • The Treaty of Versailles: A German "Victory" in 1918 Essay

    The chaotic state of Europe at the time lead to Bolshevism and from there the Soviet Union would emerge and begin a long string of events. The Austria-Hungarian Empire which was the foremost western power in the Middle East collapsed and in that chaos the roots of Islamic Fundamentalism were allowed to flourish. All these events would lead to the twentieth century being a nightmare of destruction and warfare. The myth that the war was a War to End All Wars contains the same fallacy as the myth

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  • Essay about Treaty of Versailles and Reparations 1919-1920

    of an unnatural occurrence by political standards and shows Ding’s opinion in the hopelessness of having the United States government ratify the treaty, thus influencing the public opinion against the League of Nations. Another newspaper cartoon by Nelson Harding shows the disapproval the America public felt towards the ratification of this treaty. One can see this bias within Harding’s cartoon, “Well, I’m Thankful I Have My Health!.” The cartoonist wishes to show the public Uncle Sam sitting

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  • How Did the Versailles Treaty Help Cause Ww Ii Essay

    This territory has lost after the World War. Territorial losses helped cause World War II because some countries started to lose more territory or increase territory to the winning side A third technique the Versailles Treaty treated Germany harshly was military reduction. In German Army was not to exceed in one hundred thousand for German military troops (Doc B). It was Georges Clemenceau idea to reduce military strength and to never attack or threaten France again or the rest of Europe. France

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  • Essay about Mirrors at Versailles

    This is why the “peace” established through this treaty was called “Peace on Quicksand” by many during the formation of the Treaty of Versailles. They knew that this harsh and unfair punishment of Germany would lead to war. The Treaty of Versailles was the main peace treaty at the conciliation of World War I. It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. The treaty signed on 28 June 1919, exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The other Central

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  • Essay on The Palace Of Versailles

    The Chateau of Versailles is very rich in history. The land that was selected for the estate was hand picked by no other than the King. The King had a strong passion for hunting and the surrounding woods gave the King a superb place to hunt and practice falconry (Internet 2). The King hated the city of Paris all together. He hated the way it smelled, he hated the way it looked, and he even hated the way it sounded, so he found a place not so far from the city, that would provide him a place to hunt

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  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Essay

    because they, through the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, have become citizens of a country that foundationally proclaims “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo failed to uphold and affirm the ideals of American equality and justice towards the Mexican-Americans. In word, the treaty promised the Mexican people citizenship

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  • Essay on The Treaty of Waitangi

    version gives control to the Crown only (State Services Commission, 2005, p15). The English version was signed in total by 39 Māori. Governor Hobson, on behalf of the Queen and a majority of Iwi signed the Maori version (512). Under international treaty jurisprudence, where there is a conflict in translation the version with the most signatories, is the valid one (Waitangi Action Committee, 1982), also contra preferentum,

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  • Essay on Economic effects of the Maastricht Treaty

    to expose their domestic markets to competitively priced imports caused by the weak currencies of their southern neighbors, while helping to finance their activities with high transfer payments.

    In this paper, the problems behind the Maastricht Treaty and the unattainable requirements that it calls for will be discussed.  Next, the advantages and disadvantages of several southern European countries in joining a MU will be reviewed.  Explanations will then be given as to why it is unlikely that

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  • Implications of the Various Paris Peace Treaties Essay

    Paris Peace Conference * Though Italy had been a part of Triple Alliance before the World War I, it soon joined the Central Powers as World War I broke out. * Italy's main concerns for the Paris Peace Conference were territorial in nature. The Treaty of London promised Italy large section of Austro-Hungarian land, mostly where Italian population was in majority. The territories promised were the province of Tyrol up to the Brenner Pass, the port of Trieste and the Istrian peninsula. * Italy

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  • Louis XIV--Palace of Versailles Essay examples

    Louis XIII confessed to Father Dinet " If God restores my health, as soon as the Dauphin comes of age I will put him in my place and I will retire to Versailles. I will think only of spiritual things and the salvation of my soul." (Poirier 113) A few days later, he died. After he died, his son Louis XIV took over. Louis XIV did not want to be the king of France. He believed it to be too much for him. Louis XIV did not want to even live in Paris and against the will of his advisors he chose to make

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  • Aftermath of the Mexican War and the “Peace” Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

    The treaty explicitly guaranteed Mexican Americans "the right to their property, language, and culture." The United States Senate revised Article IX, which guaranteed Mexicans civil and political rights (substituting wording from the treaty acquiring Louisiana territory from France), and deleted Article X, which protected Mexican land grants. Officials feared that Article X would revive old Mexican and Spanish land grants and would have thrown into question land grants made by the Texas government

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  • United Nations Arms Treaty Impacts to Americas Homeland Security

    to implement the ATT unless the treaty receives the advice and consent of the Senate and is the subject of implementing legislation. As ATT proponents collectively demonstrate an open threat to U.S. foreign and domestic policy to criticize the United States (: ▪ On October 3, 2013, Vann Van Diepen, principal deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation in the U.S. State Department, argued that it is incumbent upon treaty signatories to take measures not

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  • Outer Space Treaty Implications of Orbital Weapons Systems Essay

    This capability enabled US decision makers to understand the scope of the nuclear engagement and effectively employ a follow up strategy for an effective nuclear strike (Gyűrösi, 2010). The location of BMEWS ensured early warning of Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches from the Soviet Union as long as those missiles were launched utilizing a northern polar trajectory. This fact built on the assumption that for the most efficient delivery of a nuclear warhead should take the most

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  • Essay Jay's Treaty, Pinckney's Treaty and the Whisky Rebellion

    It outraged frontier farmers because it had taxed their most profitable commodity. Western farmers were also suspicious of the new government in Philadelphia. The frontiersmen considered the whiskey tax another part of Hamilton’s scheme to pick the pockets of the poor to enrich urban speculators. All through the backcountry, from Georgia to Pennsylvania and beyond, the whiskey tax provoked resistance and evasion. In the summer of 1794, discontent over the federal tax on whiskey exploded into open

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  • The Treaty of Lisbon Essay

    The community law, now the EU law, has become a specific instrument for the achievement of the European integration. In the Van Gend and Loos Case No 26/1962, the Court of Justice of the EU has stated the legal nature of the European communities, providing that they constitute “A new legal order of international law for whose benefits the states have limited the sovereign rights and the subjects of which compromise not only member states, but also their nationals.” In the same way in the Costa

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  • The Treaty of Paris Essay

    Radicals such as Sam Adams, Richard Lee, Paul Revere, Ebenezer Mackintosh, Thomas Pain and nameless others at first were very unusual in America. At first radicals were the ones to oppose English taxes, such as the Stamp Act, of 1765, were taxation came from England without American representation. Also by boycotting British goods in defense of political liberties. (Martin 94). Starting Sons Of Liberty movement that was to promote American liberty but was more of a mob that went around picking

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  • The Treaty of Nanjing Essay

    While the Chinese wanted very little from the British, the British had a population back in England craving for tea. As W. Travis Hanes and Frank Sanello point out in The Opium Wars, “By 1785, Britain was importing fifteen million pounds per year from China...the British government became economically dependent on tea, because the Exchequer levied a whopping 100% import tax on it.” Therefore it can be said that the British found the import of tea a necessity. However, the trade of tea cost them

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  • A2 History Coursework

    unstable and economically drained. However the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles were put in place to make sure that another war would not occur again and that Germany pays for the First World War. According to interpretation D, the American historian Donald Kagan agrees with the statement that international diplomacy failed to achieve stability in Europe. This is because according to Kagan that the peace treaties made between 1919 and 1930 were ‘insubstantial international agreements’

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  • Essay about The Main Cause of World War Two

    So, when this part of the treaty was broken, the allied reaction to maintain peace should have been to defend the rules set out by the Versailles Treaty. They could have easily overrun the Germans in a quick decisive battle, as the Germans were not fully armed and ready for war. Instead, the USA passed the Neutrality Acts so they wouldn't have any hand in the responsibility, and Britain and France did nothing, because France would not do anything without Britain and Britain

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  • Why did the 1919 Paris peace settlement not provide a durable peace in Europe

    The Versailles Peace Conference exposed the ideological rift growing between the Allies. Throughout Versailles and after, Britain and France could not agree on how to treat Germany. While public opinions of both nations wanted Germany pay to the fullest extent, only France saw Germany as a potential threat to the future security of European stability. Thus, while Britain saw Germany as a barrier-fortress against the Russians and an economically strong nation with which to engage in international

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  • Essay on Indian Act and Canadian Treaties

    Introduced in 1876, the act allowed the Canadian government almost complete control over how Indians lived and interacted with non-Indians. At the same time, it gave the government special responsibility for the health, education, and lands of much of the Indian population. The Act made First Nation land become under the title of the Crown. The Crown would then distribute the land through the representative of the Minister of Indian Affairs; also know as the Indian agent. The Indian agent was in

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  • Wwi, Wwii and the Cold War Essay

    Germany was a strong country before the war. In the Treaty of Versailles Germany was made into a weak country in many ways so that they could never be able to attack or have power in the future. They were to have no military, no land and no money. In this treaty, Germany lost 10% of its land, 12% of its population, 16% of its coalfields and half its iron and steel industry. Germany had less land, fewer people, less taxes and less power. “This was also the case for the German empire, which was

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  • Essay on To What Extent Was World War Ii Hitler`S War?

    These failures include the appeasement, league of nations, and the Treaty of Versailles, which due to their defects and failures supported Hitler. As these fails were unplanned, Hitler couldnt of planned by encountering these in the long-term. These though encouraged him to actions he took. The appeasement was to solve territorial gievances, economic problems and absence of raw materials which Chamberlain wanted to solve with territorial concessions, economic credits and colonial concessions. It

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  • How Surprising Is It That the Weimar Republic Survived from 1919-1924?

    forced to accept the treaty, giving rise to the term “November Criminals” to those who signed the treaty resulting in what became known as the “stab in the back” of the German people. No other political issues had caused such total agreement within Weimar Germany as the rejection and condemnation of the Treaty of Versailles. It was seen as unfair and became described as a “Diktat”, a dictated peace. The ideas presented by Wilson’s Fourteen points had given Germany hope, yet the Treaty culminated in nothing

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  • Essay on Russian Revolution and Social Change

    These two rival groups became the opposing sides in World War I. There were many immediate and long term effects of World War I, one being the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty between Germany and the Allied powers was signed on June 28, 1919. First, it created a League of Nations which would help keep the peace among the nations. The treaty also forced Germany to take blame for the war and as a result, Germany had to pay damages to the allies as well as having their military operations restricted

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  • Doom of the Weimar Republic Essay

    smoothly, however, as the government wanted it to. As Germany had surrendered to the allies of Britain, France and the USA, it was up to them as to what Germany had to do in terms of reparations. The allies made them sign the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty made Germany admit it was their fault for the war, which made Germany feel a lot of resent. Things did not stop there though. They were ordered to pay 6.6 Billon pounds in reparations. Also tens of thousands of square miles

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  • Essay about A Twenty Year Armistice

    German presence at the discussion for the terms of peace startled many Germans, since they had allowed a French delegation at the Congress of Vienna after Napoleon’s defeat in 1814 (Buchanan 84). Also, this guaranteed that the terms of the Treaty of Versailles would have a harsher nature, especially considering the opinions of those drafting it (Buchanan 71-72). The Big Three, a title given to those who had a major role in negotiating the peace, consisted of Lloyd George of Britain, Georges Clemenceau

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  • World War 1 Peace Conference Essay

    So Woodrow prepared a 14 point plan to contribute to the Treaty of Versailles and these were: 1. No secret Treaties - there shall be no private international understandings of any kind but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view.  2. Free access to the seas in peacetime or wartime – Absolute Freedom of navigation upon the seas, also during peace and in war 3. Free trade between countries – Establishment of equality of Trade Conditions among all the nations 4. All countries

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  • Additional Protocol to the Treaty of Asunción on the Institutional Structure of Mercosur

    Formally, these teams are known as Working Subgroups of which there are currently 14 (communications, institutional aspects, technical rules and regulations, financial affairs, transport, the environment, industry, agriculture, energy and mining, labour affairs, healthcare, investments, electronic trade, and follow-up of the economic and trade situation) and are made up by officials of the four countries. Likewise, there are other negotiating forums dependent on the CMG in the form of Specialized

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  • Assess the Importance of Ideology in the Formulation of Nazi Foreign Policy to 1939

    Germany-a union that had been forbidden by the Treaty. This demand was met with opposition by Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg, who insisted on a plebiscite. However, after a large amount of pressure, the Anschluss was agreed to, and shortly after, German troops entered Austria. German and Austrian union had been forbidden specifically after their strong alliance in WWI, and the threat they posed as a combined force. By 1938, Hitler had defied the Treaty of Versailles several times, and had yet to meet resistance

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  • Essay on The Weimar Republic

    reputation of the Weimar Republic had always been very low, their first action being the signing of the hated Treaty of Versailles in 1919, an action resented by Germans all the way up to 1929; 10 years later. The further disgrace heaped on them by the crisis of the Ruhr in 1923 left them hugely insulted and left them deeply regretful that they signed the treaty. On the other hand however, there was a great deal of support for a more democratic government system and voting

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  • The May 4th Movement in China

    4, 1919, it actually lasted from about 1917 until 1923. It marked the rapid rise of Chinese Nationalism as well as a re-evaluation of Confucianism. The movement was sparked by the dissatisfaction with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles settlement regarding China. The treaty endorsed the Japanese takeover of the German concessions in the Shandong peninsula. The movement was an attempt to redefine the culture, political, and intellectual state of China. The movement sparked a nation wide concern

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  • To What Extent Was Hitler Responsible for the Holocaust?

    investigation will assess to what extent was Hitler the cause of the Holocaust. The four factors that will be assessed will be the widespread anti-Semitism, the role of Hitler himself, the demonizing of Jews made by the state churches and the Treaty of Versailles. The sources I will be comparing will be Hitler: 1936-1945 by Ian Kershaw and The war against the Jews 1933-1945 by Lucy Dawsidowicz. This is because they both focus on different things: Kershaw on Hitler, and Dawisdowicz on the Holocaust

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  • How successful was Woodrow Wilson in achieving his aims in foreign policy in the years 1912 to 1920?

    inflation afterwards. Congress rejected the idea in 1920 even though Wilson spent many years fighting for it. Wilson also took the leading role in ‘Peace Talks’ which taken in Paris in 1919. The signing of Treaty of Versailles dealt with Germany’s issues and established the League of Nations. The treaty required Germany to accept responsibility for causing the war and to make substantial territorial concessions and pay heavy reparations to certain countries that had formed the Entente powers. But Germany

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  • Essay about The Baroque Period

    The thirty years war, which actually consisted of four separate wars, dominated the first part of the seventeenth century. This war was the last great continental struggle between the the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. The Treaty of Westphalia established religious orientation throughout Europe. One of my favorite things that came from the Baroque era was the architecture. Buildings of the period were composed of great curving forms with undulating facades, ground plans of unprecedented

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  • Factors That Inspire Devotion Essay

    different. I can contribute my ability to analyze cause and effect in understanding why people do what they do. Hitler rose to power by appealing to German nationalism. Germany felt violated after getting the short end of the stick with the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I in 1919. This was what led to the “national revolution” that brought Hitler to power in 1933. The ability to appeal to emotion is a skill that leaders know how to use to their advantage. Hitler also invested heavily in

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  • Fascism, Nazism and the Holocaust Essays

    fascism as a way to rebuild their country. Similar to Italy, Germany was also in a major state of turmoil during the time following World War I. Many of the citizens, especially the members of the German middle class were upset with the Treaty of Versailles that ended the Great War. The middle class felt that the social working class had betrayed Germany at the crucial time of need and German society quickly divided. Adolf Hitler saw this split in class and struggle throughout Germany as a way

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