Essay On The Treaty Of Versailles

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War World I was a global experience new to many countries. It caused great divides and was only ended by the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty was made mostly against Germany in order to force them to make the reparations equal to the damages they caused during the war. Though the Treaty of Versailles was meant to end a World War, it instead resulted in building the tensions that would erupt into the Second World War; the faultiness in the Allies’ formation of the treaty ultimately led to the German’s resurgence and vast resentment towards the Allies.
In drawing up the Treaty of Versailles, the Allies disagreed on how to properly discipline Germany and the rest of the Central Powers Alliance from WWI, leading to cracks and internal
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Conditions in Germany were less than ideal after WWI. Germans were not happy with the treaty’s implications, and civil disputes broke out; “During the recent street fighting between Government troops and Spartacists, nearly every form of slaughter devised by the Germans against the Allies … was used with terrible effect” (“NEMESIS OVERTAKES BERLIN”). Germany was ruthless in their pursuits not only in war, but also within the country itself. People clung to the possibility that Adolf Hitler was going to be their savior and was going to guide them into a righteous position. As said by Erna Kranz, a teenager in the 1930s in Germany, to show the mass support of Hitler: “When the masses were shouting ‘Heil,’ what could the individual person do? You went with it. We were the ones who went along” (Rees). It was as though a mass hysteria broke out in the country. Supporting Hitler was an activity that spread like wildfire and no one in Germany was given the choice to opt out of the mass support without punishment. With everyone rioting around Hitler, how could he not push forward after the Treaty of Versailles paved his path for

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