Treaty Of Versailles Effects

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The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that brought World War 1 to an official end. The treaty had put the blame for the war on Germany. I am writing this essay to gain knowledge on the effects of the Treaty of Versailles for the country of Germany. By writing this essay I believe that I will be able to better comprehend the what the Treaty Of Versailles did to the country of Germany. My essay will explain the Treaty of Versailles, the reparations, the Weimar Republic, The Beer Hall Putsch, and Hitler's Rise to power. The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty to end the War. The Treaty of Versailles also placed the blame of the war on Germany. Two very big impacts on Germany was reduction in military and loss of land. The treaty had reduced Germany’s army to only 100,00 men. The treaty also restricted the amount of ships and planes they were allowed. Germany had no aeroplanes or …show more content…
Most of Nazi support came primarily from the lower middle class and peasantry. Many Germans were desperate during the depression. The German people were afraid of losing their standard of living to the depression. They were looking something new to turn to. The German had little confidence in their government, the Weimar Republic. In January of 1933, Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany by Paul von Hindenburg. The Germans found Hitler so appealing because of the way he spoke. Hitler praise Germany as a perfect, pure country. Hitler attracted Germans longing for change. Hitler had the idea of Volk products. Hitler’s Third Reich’s mission was to make significant consumer products. Volk products would give the illusion of a higher standard of living. But what the people didn’t know, these products were forms of propaganda in their own homes. The Volksempfaenger was a radio wired to Hitler's voice. With the Volksempfaenger made Germans more vulnerable to Hitler's

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