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  • Little Shop Of Horrors: A Short Story

    We stood there, complete eye contact and not a word uttered. I had just received some of the best news ever, yet he looked at me like he wanted to gouge my eyes out. I felt like he should be happy for me, I mean we were friends after all. At least I thought we were. I could tell he was mad, I knew why, unsure of what to say I let time pass for what seemed like forever. Then, he turned and walked away. That morning was when cast lists were posted. They were taped to the cold meatal wall of the playhouse, which is one of the theaters at camp. Cast list went up at 6:45am and about 400 groggy teenagers showed up to get a look. One of the shows camp was doing was Little Shop of Horrors. For those of you who do not know, Little Shop of Horrors is…

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  • The Monkey's Paw, By W. Jacobs

    I wish this paper was over. The Monkey’s Paw is a short horror story written by W.W. Jacobs. The story follows the White family who are given a wish granting monkey paw from Mr. White’s old army buddy. What seems to be a treasure is quickly deduced to actually be a curse. The wishes all become true, but only do so with a terrible twist of fate. Ultimately this leads to the White’s misery, and the death of their son Herbert. This classic tale has been reimagined through multiple mediums including…

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  • W. Jacobs The Monkey's Paw

    “The Monkey’s Paw” is a short horror story with death, magic, and fate. When Mr. White receives an enchanted monkey’s paw, he is told that it will grant three wishes. He does not, however, know the twisted consequences his greed will bring. The author of this mysterious story, W.W Jacobs, develops the theme “man should not interfere with fate” by using characters actions, dialogue, and events in the story. Mr. White’s character is very curious, But he can also be considerably Reckless when it…

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  • Foreshadowing And Suspense In The Monkey's Paw

    In the story The Monkey’s Paw, the reader is likely to experience a continual desire to keep reading the story. The story has skillful foreshadowing and uncomfortable suspense that get the reader nervous and anxious to discover the final outcome. This story involves a enchanted, mummified monkey paw that is said to have the power to grant three wishes to three different people. As the Whites make their wishes, they realizes that they would have been better off without this talisman. How can a…

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  • Monkey's Paw Analysis

    paw from destroying. I feel Mr. White believes it to be precious with enormous power, which there should be no harm than blessing to keep. Taking it one step further, the act of Mr. White saving the paw prospects him to make the wish that takes away Herbert’s life. In fact, I believe without Mr. White’s intention of keeping the paw, the paw will be destroyed and therefore Herbert will not die. Apart from that, I advocate the attitude of blaming Mr. White for Herbert’s death is the fact that Mr.…

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  • W. W Jacobs The Monkey's Paw

    wishes Sisley. Both of these stories end up with consequences. In the monkey's paw there are 3 more characters and there names are Herbert white as the son and Mrs.white as the wife and Sergeant-major Morris as the visitor. In the third wish there are two other characters and there names are the king of the forest, and Leila as the wife, and the swan. Some of them are almost the Sami as the main characters in the story. There are different elements in the story called monkey's paw. Mr.white gets…

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  • Comparing There Will Come Soft Rain And The Monkey's Paw

    Reading There will come soft rain, and The monkey’s paw, i can say that the tone that the author is trying to put out from the stories is an eerie/creepy one. In There will come soft rain, The author is trying to put a weird tone into. They're both trying to make the reader wonder what’s going on. In There will come soft rain it is very confusing till the very end. The Story all together is very eerie feeling. The story is about a house that is running by itself. The entire story is based in…

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  • How Does Poe Create Tension In The Pit And The Pendulum

    Edgar Allan Poe is a master of creating tension in his stories to convince the reader that they are a part of the story. Poe’s stories contain darkness, physical torment, tension, and keeps the readers intrigue. An example of that is in Poe’s story “The Pit and the Pendulum” and the tension throughout the story is based on whether the narrator will survive the horrors of his imprisonment. Poe depiction of tension in the story is from strong diction and the emotion of horror evoke. The use of…

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  • The Psychological Subgenre In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    The Horror genre is a literature genre of fiction which has the characteristic or the capacity to create scare or frighten their readers. This genre popularity increased in incredible ways in the last couple of years with the development of the movies and television industries. This genre such as in a movie or in a book has incredible popularity and grabs the attention of a big number of audience Some enjoy that adrenaline feeling, being in danger, expecting the unknown, death, all the feelings…

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  • Gothic Literature Essay

    Gothic horror writing has been known for decades, but what makes this way of writing so unique to others can be shocking to some. Gothic writings unlike most integrate a sinister, mysterious and malevolence tones into the story along with some supernatural or paranormal twist. Author Edgar Allan Poe is famous for his use of gothic literature. His well known stories are: “The Black Cat”and “The Masque of the Red Death”. In “The Black Cat” the narrator slowly goes insane by his pet cat. He soon…

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