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  • Short Story 'The Monkey's Paw'

    wishes to three different men. Mr.White comes up with the decision he will wish for something but doesn’t know the to wish for wish and doesn’t know the consequences. This is why Sergeant- Major Morris is most responsible for the sorrows that resulted because he brought the paw and explained how to use the paw to the White family. “He (Morris) took something out of his pocket and proposed it” (105). Morris comes out guilty for the sorrows. Sergeant-Major Morris is most responsible for the sorrows because he came to the Whites house to introduce them to the paw. This all started on a normal day. The Herbert and Mr.White were playing chess while the Mrs.White was in the corner sewing. While playing chess they have notice that someone was outside and what was outside was Morris. This is where the problems start. Morris is welcomed in and sits down for a drink. Instead of talking about something else other than the paw they talk and get introduced to the paw. This is when Morris shouldn’t…

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  • Possible Theme Of The Monkey's Paw By W. Jacobs

    In the end, this is found to be a big mistake. When Mr. White makes the first wish he wishes for two-hundred pounds, but what he doesn't know is that making that wish was going to change everything. What he didn’t know was that he was going to have to pay a terrible price for his wish. In the first scene, the Sergeant-major was telling the White’s about the paw. “Better let it burn.” What the Sergeant-major is trying to say here…

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  • And For You, Miss Deluise !: A Short Story

    "And for you, Miss Deluise?" the genie asked, finally reaching me. "I wish for unlimited wishes!" I exclaimed, the words slipping from my mouth as the laughs tumbled out of those I called my companions. "Jamie, you can 't wish for that! There are rules!" Paul insisted, his glasses almost falling off as his head shook violently. All of them looked at me with pure superiority, as I apparently did not even know the rule. "No, a wish is a wish. As you wished, Miss Deluise. Unlimited wishes," the…

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  • Monkey's Paw Analysis

    The Monkey’s Paw: Who’s to Blame The Monkey’s Paw is a fairytale about a monkey’s paw that can grant three wishes to three people. It is tragedy that a young man, Herbert has lost his life after his dad, Mr. White grants a wish for 200 pounds. Moreover, I believe Mr. White, who insists keeping the monkey’s paw, ignores the warnings from the Sergeant and behave in a greedy manner are the three reasons to explain why he is to be blamed. First of all, I blame Mr White for the death of Herbert…

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  • I Wish For Lots Of Money In The Monkey's Paw

    I wish for lots of money Wouldn’t it be amazing if your wish could come true? I believe that most people would have their wishes. In the story “The Monkey’s Paw”, Mr. White can make three wishes after he gets the monkey’s paw. Unfortunately, his son is died after he makes the first wish. At the ended of story, he can’t get everything he want because he doesn’t think the consequence before he makes wish. Since the strange events might happen, I still want to make a wish. My grandmother tells me…

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  • Monkeys Paw Symbolism

    The Monkey’s Paw begins with the white family waiting for Sergeant major Morris to arrive from his “adventurous” trips. As Sergeant Morris and the whites were talking Mr. White started talking about the monkey 's paw and Sergeant Morris explained that it was a “bit of might be called magic”. But it wasn 't good magic perhaps. Sergeant Morris warned Mr. White about the dangerous magic it had and threw it on the fire, but Mr. White took it out and kept it. Morris told him if he ever wished, he…

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  • The Coolest Monkey In The Jungle Analysis

    The coolest monkey in the jungle The article “Turning H&M´s racist image around on white kids won´t fix anything” is written by Stacey Patton. It was published in January 12 2018, in The Washington Post. The article primary focus is to inform the reader about racism. 1. The add “The coolest monkey in the jungle” sparked mostly resentful responses. Even so the add doesn’t have a lot of audience it still has been seen as “cute” by a few white and black people. The boy’s mother told people to…

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  • Love For A Soulless Thing Is Not Love Analysis

    Book 8, Section 2 – “Love for a soulless thing is not called friendship, since there is no mutual loving, and you do not wish good to it. For it would presumably be ridiculous to wish good things to wine; the most you wish is its preservation so that you can have it. To a friend, however, it is said, you must wish goods for his own sake” (Aristotle, 426). Premise 1: Friendship requires mutual loving. Premise 2: Soulless things do not love. Premise 3: Friendship requires reciprocated wishing of…

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  • The Monkey's Paw Analysis

    ancient Monkey’s Paw. Sergeant- Morris told them a curse was put on the Monkey’s Paw by an Old Fakir which means a holy man. You were granted three wishes if you had the Monkey’s Paw. Sergeant- Morris was just going to burn the Monkey’s Paw but as he began to throw it in there fire place the father asked to keep it. Sergeant- Morris told him if he must wish, wish for something sensible which means simple. Mr. White’s first wish was for two- hundred pounds. They thought it wasn’t working because…

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  • Crippled Hair-Personal Narrative

    “We know you are the famous serial killer William Chesterford, you have nowhere to go,” said the second officer who was the deputy. William was confused, he panicked and ran for the exit at the back of the store, all three officers ran after him. William barely made it through the exit in time to escape, as soon as William went out that door he sprinted for home. He got home in less than five minutes, when he went through his front door William loudly said,” I wish for all of the police in this…

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