The Ugly Duckling

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  • Personal Narrative: The Ugly Duckling

    successful. On my sixth birthday, I received a book from my favorite uncle called “Stories to Treasure”, which contained my favorite childhood story, “The Ugly Duckling.” The story of “The Ugly Duckling” was first written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1844. Since that time, numerous versions of the…

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  • Odysseus Journey In Homer's Odyssey

    will still be shown in the little ways, each spring you sharpen your sword you’ll bargain with the calendar and at the moment when death opens the bock door you'll put on your carpet slippers and stride outside.”(Anne sexton 39-48) At the last moments the main character realized it was worth it the journey they people called life was fulfilled for them. Years Passed as this person was old and they fought off death for they family and for themselfs. At the end of their journey they knew that…

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  • And For You, Miss Deluise !: A Short Story

    there right now, in my bed." I saw their faces burn with anger before they quickly became the ceiling of my dorm room. I thought about all the desires I wanted so desperately. "I wish I was a billionaire." The next day, I moved out the disgusting dormitory bedroom I had inhabited for so many years, and I moved into the nicest apartment next to the new school I had transferred to, Washington University. Despite having the ability to get my degree the next day, I decided I wanted the ideal…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In The Middle Of A Dream

    hit me when I ran the red light, but why is it so dark? Suddenly there 's a bright light, maybe I 'm dying. Was this meant to be for me? I mean, I never was anyone in my life. Did God want me back because I was a mistake to humankind?! I never studied hard, I never put any effort into anything actually. Maybe my options took me here, maybe I shouldn 't have run that red light, maybe I shouldn 't of dropped out of college...just maybe I should have worked harder. It probably started twenty…

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  • Compare And Contrast Beauty And The Ugly Duckling

    These kinds of situations are best heard/told through “blossoming/transformation” and “twofaced” themed characters. Two great examples could be seen in “Beauty and the Beast” by Beaumont, and “The Ugly Duckling” by Han Christian Anderson, since they both have similar aspects. In “Beauty and the Beast,” the east was first seen as a terrifying creature (as a monster), but as time progressed Beauty began to see that Beast had nothing but a kind soul, consequently she developed feeling for him. In…

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  • The Uglies Book Report

    The Uglies written by Scott Westerfeld was published by Simon Pulse Publishing on May 2011 and contains 406 pages. The Uglies is a science fiction novel about Tally Youngblood, a teenage girl, living in Uglyville, who is trying to decide the truth of the pretty operation and the importance of her friends. The Uglies is the first of the four books in the Ugly series. Tally Youngblood, the main character in this novel, is a fifteen year old girl that lives in Uglyville. The author makes Tally…

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  • The Themes Of Conformity In Tally And Matched By Scott Westerfeld

    This novel Uglies by Scott Westerfeld focuses on the protagonist Tally and the antagonist Dr. Cable, who are citizens in a futuristic society that takes place 300 years from now in a city. In the second half of the novel, Tally finally reaches the Smoke. However, she does not call Dr. Cable to tell her she has arrived safely, instead she starts to like the Smoke. Tally throws her communicating device in the fire and instead of it demolishing, it activates releasing her location to Dr. Cable…

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  • Tally In Uglies

    All an ugly has ever dreamt of is to be pretty. What does is mean to be pretty? Does it mean just a symmetrical face, exquisite bone structure, and flawless skin? Or is there so much more that is all kept a secret? In Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Uglies, Tally Youngblood is just another ugly longing for her sixteenth birthday on which she is to turn pretty. All is well until she finds out that being pretty isn’t really as beautiful as it seems. Throughout the novel the theme of appearance showed…

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  • The Wicked Stepmother's Tale Analysis

    active characters and the importance of beauty. Lieberman notices that portraying Cinderella as a passive character, like many other females, is done purposely and causes a reason for concern. Cinderella is thought to be beautiful and kind, while her stepmother and stepsisters are ugly and cruel. Similar to other fairytales, the powerful woman is almost always considered the villain, while the passive girl is given the happy ending without having to work for it. The tale of Cinderella idolizes…

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  • Compare And Contrast Disney And Cinderella

    While reading the original version of Cinderella by Grimm’s, I noticed that Disney didn’t just remake the movie. They changed quite a few important aspects of the story and also removed some. The first difference I observed in Disney’s version of Cinderella is that Disney removed the death of Cinderella’s’ mother. In the original version Cinderella had a difficult time accepting the death of her mother. Disney’s version made Cinderella’s principal crisis as making it to the ball. An additional…

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