The Urge

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  • The Rushelli Massacre: A Short Story

    “Why did you kill all of those people?” I wheezed out. I hated the cold, this was a fine punishment I suppose. “Of course you’ve heard. Who hasn’t? I’m just the crazy witch that’s killed hundreds of people. No need to answer my questions. I see how it is.” “You didn’t just ‘kill all those people, Freya.’ You are responsible for a massacre. The Rushelli Massacre. Hundreds of people died. Innocents. The guilty. You killed them like they were all guilty of the same crime. That is unacceptable. You need to pay for what you did. I know the way you can start.” “I didn’t want to do it, you know… I felt the urge. But it wasn’t my urge. I didn’t know those people. I just know it had to happen. I don’t know why or when the urge came to me, I just…

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  • Persephone: A Short Story

    Although the house was very bright by the inside, it seemed as if there was a storm cloud ready to strike frightful and deadly lightning through their lives. When they moved in, the furniture that was already at their new home, it seemed antiquated but new; as if the furniture had not been used since the 1960’s. Persephone’s mom was in love with the antiquated furniture, she did not feel the urge to move it to the garage or get rid of it.…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Free Medical Clinic

    or resources to get the services they need. To ensure that the readers ultimately feel this way the designers of the website include quotes from current and past patients of the clinic; these quotes display their gratitude for all the help they receive from volunteers and the welcoming community at the clinic. (Newsletter) Not only do they use quotes from patients, but they also include testimonials from volunteers and staff stating how good of an experience volunteering at the clinic was and…

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  • Social Media Reflection Paper

    Have you ever lived without using social media? I felt the urge to go on the internet and tried not to place my hands on my laptop or cellphone. I was a little motivated to avoid Social Media. I constantly told myself that I could do it. I sat down and thought of what I needed to do. I glanced over and saw my cell phone. I was actually going for it but I decided not to. I was literally going crazy and fought myself to stay unplugged from the internet. Hours later, I realized that I had found…

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  • Political Contextualization In The Hunger Games

    differently depending on the political side they choose and how the matter is connected with their personal views. The author of the book is in contradiction of the damaging power of humans, the unfair social classes, and the possible impacts of offensive influences. Although some of the political traits expressed in the book do not happen in reality, it tries to reveal the matters that have continuously bothered politicians, intellects, and artists. The author 's ability to deal with the…

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  • Selfishness In Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    In 1920, Sigmund Freud published his first paper detailing the inner workings of the human mind. This essay was his first outlining of the id, the primal urges we feel for aggression and violence; the superego, our desire to respect society 's rules and appear “good” and moral; and the ego, our sense of consciousness that tries to balance them out. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Buchanan exemplifies the fight between his morals and his urges very well. Tom Buchanan is torn…

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  • Here's Looking At Urges And Cravings Analysis

    Hawkins Group topic: Here’s Looking at Urges and Cravings Today’s group was focused on handling urges and cravings. Group activity included learning the patterns of U&C, utilizing the handout to identify personal internal and external triggers to U&C, and learning skills to handle U&C without the use of alcohol or substance(s). PO was on time for group and moderately participated in the group activity. PO identified his triggers as family problems, physical discomfort, and old friends. PO…

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  • Here's Looking At Wants And Craving Essay

    Group topic: Here’s Looking at urges and Cravings In today’s group, group members were focused on learning skills in identifying and handling urges and carvings. Group members were to use the handout to identify their personal internal and external triggers to urges and cravings, and then learned steps to handle such triggers without the use of substance(s). PO moderately participated in the group activities. PO demonstrated the use of learned kills to cope with urges and cravings, stated…

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  • All-Natural Theory: Normal Action In Our World Today

    Heylin Valdez All-Natural Theory Imagine a world where humans act just like wild animals. Walking around having sex, defecating, and quite possibly fighting each other in the public eye. Well according to the all-natural theory these actions are permissible and lives up to the moral standards. Today’s sociality would frown upon those actions. But with this theory applied it would be normal and justified. All-natural theory is wrong and it would contradict itself. The first rule to the…

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  • Jenny Hill Case Study Answers

    stress urinary incontinence (mixed urinary incontinence; these conditions often coexist but relationship between them remains unclear); idiopathic causes (associated factors include depression, sleep apnea [Kemmer et al, 2009; Lowenstein et al, 2008], and obesity [Mishra et al, 2008]). The complete nursing diagnostic statement is: Urge Incontinence related to frequent sudden urge to void, evident by inability to delay urination after strong sudden desire to void. Report of increasing…

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