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  • Walk The Line Analysis

    Film Critique Presenter (Anne Smith): Good evening, Australia. I’m Anne Smith and this is Sunday. Tonight, we will be travelling back in time to review the heart-warming romance, Grease (1978). This will be followed by a review of the blockbuster comedy, Zoolander. However, yesterday, we remembered the loss of music legends Johnny and June Cash (née Carter). To begin the show, we have Dilki De Silva with us to give her critique of Walk the Line (2005), the award-winning biopic of these two legendary singers. Dilki: Thank you, Anne. Do you ever question your biopics? If you don’t, please start now. Directed by James Mangold, Walk the Line (2005) is indeed a glorified cinematic achievement which portrays the fame, folly and fortune of Johnny Cash, an eminent musician of 1950s. Tonight, I will be discussing how the techniques of privileging, foregrounding, cinematic devices, gaps, silences and marginalisation position the audience to view the film as a true representation of Johnny Cash’s life. Through the use of these devices, the film offers a dominant reading that reinforces the representation of Cash as an anti‐hero guided by June Carter’s prevailing love– while silencing his true identity as an alcoholic, drug addict who has failed to love his mundane wife. The film’s dominant reading depicts…

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  • Character Analysis: A Walk To Remember

    A Walk to Remember is a romance story between the two main characters Landon and Jamie. The story takes place in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1958. This story is centered on a small southern town where Baptist churches play a significant role. Being considered as the bad boy of the high school, Landon’s life is in need of a quick adjustment. He decides to take a drama class in hopes of having an easy senior year. There he meets Jamie, the preacher’s daughter his friend’s scorn. Although he’s…

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  • The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

    are actually related to each other, like how Disney is connected to the Hollywood walk of fame, how the Hollywood Walk of Fame relates to Australia and how Australia relates to Love at first sight, and finally love at first sight related to Thomas Rhett. These five topics are all related to entertainment, because all, five of them are either entertaining or are involved in the entertainment business…

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  • A Walk To Remember A Coming Of Age Novel

    Nicholas Sparks’s A Walk to Remember is a coming-of-age novel in which the protagonist is developed from a rebellious adolescent into a mature adult. Landon Carter, grows into a responsible man after he experiences his tragic love for Jamie Sullivan. After reading How to Read Literature Like a Professor, readers might interpret certain events in the novel based on the elements that Thomas C. Foster finds significant in understanding a story. Sparks uses character markings, a mysterious illness,…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Walk The Line Concert

    “That’ll be a dollar and fifteen cents,” uttered the grouchy lady in the box office. The lady started to eyeball my satchel so I handed her the cash, took my ticket and hurried into the “I walk the Line” concert before she could search through it. I must’ve waited at least a full hour to get in and I was even late to the concert. I made it to the seat and the concert still had not started. Schedule must be running behind, I contemplated to myself. I turned my wrist over so I could see the new…

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  • Long Walk To Freedom Analysis

    In today’s society, individuals are simply expected to be loyal citizens of their countries by adhering to their nation’s laws and paying annual federal taxes. Moreover, this notion has remained constant even throughout our revolutionizing history and has made the opportunity of equal rights for everyone regardless of gender or race seem almost unattainable. In Nobodies: Does Slavery Still Exist? by John Bowe and Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela, both authors expose the brutal sufferings…

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  • Character Analysis Of Phoebe In Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moon

    In the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech Mrs. Partridge leave messages on Phoebe Winterbottom’s doorstep. These messages shine throughout the novel on how the characters view each other, and what they can do to become a better person. The first message left on Phoebe Winterbottom states “Don’t judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins” , and it relates to the character Phoebe in many ways. First Pheobe’s neighbor Margret Cadaver is said to be peculiar because of some of…

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  • Richard Louv's Argument Essay

    After reading both Kelle Lasn’s and Richard Louv’s pieces on how humans have become distant from nature, I became very upset with myself. When I was younger I loved spending time outside. Whether I was playing sports with the neighborhood kids, helping my grandfather with his garden or talking walks in the park near my house, I realized that I do not spend nearly as much time outside as I used to. With technology constantly being invented and reinvented, video games, television shows and phones…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Academic Advising

    For starters, the walk in hours to see the academic advisor are so scarce especially when considering a student’s classes that they must attend. Another problem that these students are faced with is their own work schedules they must accommodate for as well. Between classes, work and other life activities, it is almost impossible to fit in the academic advisor. Not to mention the wait that goes along with it. This is a problem that needs to be solved in order to properly meet the needs of the…

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  • Gemba Walk

    In Gemba Walks for Service Excellence: The Step by Step Guide for Identifying Service Delighters Chapter 2, the author describes Gemba Walks as going to the place where the work happens, go and see for you to find out what is really going on. A leader must pay attention to what is happening around them because leaders can become disconnected from people and current reality. A Gemba walk can prevent a false sense of things by showing up in a work center unannounced so that the leaders aren’t…

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