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  • Personal Narrative: Refugee Refuge

    My parents brought in some income to sustain us, but life was still a struggle. When I was very young, I heard stories from my mother about the horrible things that people were experiencing in Bhutan (and of course, even the refugee camp had its fair share of problems). Until I started high school, I didn’t understand that the way things work could change. Then I began to notice that other people who were living in the refugee camp became social workers and were helping to combat many issues that plagued our youth. One way I worked to change things was by joining a few anti-drug programs that educated others about the negative effects of these substances. I myself had been tempted on a few occasions, but my family had taught me that these things would not help me to escape the pain and suffering that surrounded us every day, and would instead only add to it. So as part of the program, I encouraged others my age and younger to become involved in art or drama to get a sense of comfort. I wanted to prevent them from straying down a path that could only hurt them. By helping them I am able to avoid my mistake and also their…

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  • My Strongest Areas In The Workplace

    My strongest areas are responsibility, reading, problem solving, getting along with others, and organizing. The rest is a great thing to learn about. It makes you really think about yourself. It also shows me what I need to work on and the areas needed the most. such as math, speaking, research, adapting to change, and last will be management. Those are my weakest areas and I really need to take into consideration what it is that I need to work on. I did learn something new I learned that I did…

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  • Cad Saad And Dweck Analysis

    they are new to everything and they’re still learning. Therefore, there is no such thing as a fixed intelligence because we learn something new every day. We can grow our intelligence as longest we practice the strategies. We also build more intelligence when doing new things therefore our brain sees the different ways that a certain thing can be done. When Blackwell, Saad and Dweck argue about that our intelligence is not fixed, that out attributes are affected by both our genes and…

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  • Taming Of The Shrew And 10 Things About You Essay

    Summary/Critique Essay Works from hundreds of years ago still have an effect on people today. For instance, Shakespeare’s plays affect people in ways that are not realized by most. Although plays are not as popular today as they once were, the adaption of them has been made to fit the present day storylines. The Taming of the Shrew is one of Shakespeare's plays that has slowly been modified to fit modern times while still using the same storyline. In 10 Things I Hate About You and The Taming of…

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  • Online Learning Is Better Than The Classroom

    In the classroom, you have many things that can help you faster. Such as an instructor/ teacher, other students, and also you can learn from others with the help and different ways of doing and thinking things. Online however, is better to me because you have to force yourself to read, do homework, and make sure you have the right management. Where in school you may not have to work as hard because there are others around and some people like myself can get easily distracted. At home on the…

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  • Essay On Plymouth Vs Jamestown

    being one of the first colonies in America through out there way on their search for a better life many things were going on there way to their destination. As it said in the book, “Such actions have ever since the world's beginning been subject to such accidents, and everything of worth is found full of difficulties” Such as early both being englishmen and english families who traveled to be able to have a better life and a better way of living. But those to english travelers never thought…

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  • Work-Life Balance

    is left with none.” As in the video “Work Life Balance” by school life channel on Youtube, it says a person who dedicates their time in one thing will achieve more than who tries to do a variety of things. The author of the video successfully drawn the attention of the audience by taking an example of race car, Audi R8, and by explaining how our brain works. Although, the narrator mentioned very interesting facts and opinions, he failed to balance the idea he tried to explain. In other words,…

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  • Ethical Values Do Not Span Across Cultures Essay

    world. There are many things that depend on the culture of the company that determine how the company will run. Companies are all run differently throughout cultures, so ethical values do not span across cultures. Business practices are also run differently throughout culture. There are many different ways that companies handle issues, and not all are handled ethically (Pitta). I think that ethical values are something that needs to span across cultures so that companies can be successful, but…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Who Are You When You Help Others?

    time and have experienced what we are going through now, and If our way does not work. Sometimes in life you need to seek guidance, because people are older and smarter than us. Other people have done things that you haven’t and you want to know what it is like to do those things or you want advice. Just like if there is something you have never done, but others have, you can ask them for advice. Most of the time when you ask for their advice they tell you what is best. Saying that is good…

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  • Importance Of Nature In Ralph Waldo Emerson And Henry David Thoreau

    economy and money was taking our time away from being grateful for the little things in life. They both saw the simplicity of hard work and going for what one desires in life, to appreciate nature in a more intimate way, and to be self-reliant. Thoreau wants to take pleasure in the little things in life and to show how to live simply. He wants to show that by living in the woods with only the necessities in life was better than having to rely on money to make…

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