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  • The Outsiders Movie Essay

    The story The Outsiders are an amazing story in which takes place in the 50’s to 60’s era. The story is about the Greasers and the Socs which were two different social groups. The Greasers are like the criminals and the hoods, and the Socs are the rich kids with fancy cars and wear button up shirts. The story is based around a kid named Ponyboy who lives with his two other brothers since their parents died. One day Ponyboy and Johnny, who is a kid that hangs in the Greaser’s gang, go walking in the park until a group of Socs jumps them. A group of the Socs tried drowning Ponyboy, so Johnny kills one of the Socs for self defense. Johnny and Ponyboy then run away from the law and hide in an old abandoned church. One day they come back to the church and it was on fire, so they went into the church and saved the kids. Johnny ended up dying in the hospital from the severe wounds, but Ponyboy survived. Johnny gave ponyboy a note telling him to “stay gold”. The story is about keeping your innocence. The movie and the book have some similarities…

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  • Social Issues In Everyday Use 'And A Place I Ve Never Been'

    “Everyday Use” and “A Place I’ve Never Been” are very unique in the sense that they deal with social issues that are very important at the time they are published. Each of the main characters from the stories deal with an issue that affects them throughout the story. While the characters face similar issues, they are also very different. “Everyday Use” takes place in the 1960s where black power is becoming very dominant. While “A Place I’ve Never Been” deals with AIDS in the 1980s. The time…

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  • Dave Pelzer

    Imagine if you were scared to come home and feared to find out what your punishment was going to be that day. This autobiography, “A Child Called It”, was written by Dave Pelzer. Surprisingly, Dave Pelzer was the little boy that was abused in this book, and decided to share it with the world to make everyone aware what might happen behind closed doors. In this report I will include many parts of Dave’s life story including: plot, setting, characters, themes, and my response. First, there were…

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  • Is Symbolism In Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants?

    “Hills Like White Elephants” shares the perspective of two different individuals on a topic that is intensely personal and yet so many people over the years have identified their opinion on the matter, abortion. Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” uses symbolism to identify the sensitive nature of the story, as well as to identify more clearly the feelings of the characters and the impact this has on them. The story, “Hills Like White Elephants”, begins to identify a difficult…

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  • The Odd Couple Play Analysis

    building. For the most part, the story worked. I felt the beginning was really strong. It did a fantastic job of beginning the story in the middle of the action, even if that action was only a game of trivial pursuit. The middle did not live up to the beginning. Once Florence moved in with Olive, the passage of time was hard to follow between some scenes. This made it difficult to asses the meaning of the changes between each scene because they could mean a variety of things based on the context…

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  • Flipped Themes

    1. Identify an example of how the theme develops and/or reappears in the story. Cite a specific part (no more than three consecutive sentences) of the story that shows the development of the theme and explain the theme thoroughly. There are many themes in this story, but the one that transcends them all is the complexity of love. This story is the about the love of two inexperienced and pubescent main characters, Bryce and Julianna. Flipped demonstrates how love can sometimes be unsympathetic…

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  • The Tell-Tale Heart Old Man

    The narrator and the old man play key roles in how Poe creates fear and dread in his story “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The unreliable narrator’s words chill the reader and indicate that he is mad. “How, then, am I mad? Hearken! And observe how healthily-how calmly I can tell you the whole story.” (Poe 303). He uses evidence only he believes to be true by saying he isn’t mad because his murder was so perfect, so precisely. He truly believes he isn’t mad, even though to a sane person he sounds insane…

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  • Deception And Deception In Helen

    very hesitant at first to take orders from a woman, but Helen persuades him to go along with the plan. She does this by coming up with all of the solutions to the loopholes that he finds, but in the end, giving him all the credit and saying that he makes all of the shots. In the grand finale of Helen’s lies, deception, and manipulation, she and Menelaos manipulate Theoclymenos into giving them exactly what they need to escape and be together in their homeland. Throughout this whole scene, Helen…

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  • Craft In The Elevator By William Sleator

    Elevator”, a twelve-year-old boy is struck with a fear of a rickety, shabby looking elevator in his apartment building. Martin‒ the main character‒ encounters a thick-bodied woman whose actions on the elevator increase the fears in Martin’s head. Even without knowing the essential knowledge about the woman, readers can still infer what the woman’s personality is equaling because of her actions. After several encounters, Martin seeks help from his father after injuries occur. Martin’s father is…

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  • Snow Falling On Cedars Book Report

    You need information to process and analyze the matters. It’s crucial that you know facts and necessary information before making any judgment. In the novel “Snow falling on cedars”, Ismael- one of the protagonists of the story- argued with his mother about the whether Kabuo Miyamoto is guilty or not. “‘You said yourself the trial isn’t over,’ Ishmael’s mother pointed out. ‘The defense hasn’t made its case yet, but you’re all ready to convict. You’ve got the prosecutor’s set of facts, but that…

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