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  • Dead Man Western Analysis

    The Edge of a Western How does a Western film look when it is written backwards and the themes are put on their head? This is how Jim Jarmusch envisioned his take on the Western when he directed Dead Man. The film is about an ordinary accountant William Blake, played by Johnny Depp, who is traveling to the town of Machine to start a new life. When Blake finds that there is no job for him, a set of unfortunate circumstances forces him into becoming a wanted man. Along with an American Indian guide, played by Gary Farmer, Blake forges a journey that leaves behind a trail of dead men in his path in order for him to transcend into the spiritual world according to the mentor Native American, Nobody. This film did hold on to some basic Western formulas, yet it reversed the genre and created a film that contradicts the definition of the Western brand.Through his character development, offbeat setting, and the edgy music, Jarmusch made a darker edgier western film. Right from the start Jarmusch flips the genre in his rendition of the Western in the character of William Blake (Johnny Depp). Blake comes from the east and he does not have a checkered past that matches the checked suit he is decked…

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  • Western Film Themes

    Westerns: The Final Chapter During my research, I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t enjoy westerns very much. In order to understand why I don’t enjoy westerns much, we must first get a basic idea of what a western is. Westerns are more of an older genre as they are not made much in the modern day and age. To understand westerns, knowing the basic themes and elements would be most helpful. The four main themes of a western include: Man vs. Nature, Good vs. Evil, East meets West and…

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  • Western Film The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    Western Film “For over forty years, from 1926 to 1967, Hollywood produced more Westerns than any other kind of film” (pg.243). The western film I chose was one of Sergio Leone’s famous trilogies, which included A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. These are known as Spaghetti Westerns. The film The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly takes place during the American Civil War and follows three men on the hunt for Confederate gold. Many westerns focus…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cowboy Western Wear

    Living in a place like Dallas or Houston affords for some great fashion looks. Just walking down the street in one of these southern cities gives you a glimpse into real cowboy western wear. Leather boots, blue jeans and ten-gallon hats dot the landscape in Texas. If you love the look but you live farther north, you might think dressing like a cowboy or cowgirl is off limits. That’s really not the case as anyone can pull of the western wear look with the right clothes. The staple of any look…

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  • Western Cultural Escalation: The Corruption Of Western Culture

    The Western Cultural Escalation Life articulates with culture. Culture is the result of an influx of ideas which creates norms and ideologies of certain regions. Modern day culture, tends to be a hybrid of a myriad of aspects of many cultures around the world. An alpha of all of the included cultures tend to be “western culture.” Although Western culture, with its rigid bond with modernization, plays a dominant role in shaping world culture, such as creating necessity for freedom, nationalism,…

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  • Hollywood Western Film Analysis

    new ideas, and opinions is the man depicted in the Hollywood Western. That man, or person, is the settler, cowboy, or lonesome traveler who traverses the Western frontier in search of his place in and the promise of America. As America expands its frontier to the West during the nineteenth-century, the depiction of what it means to be a heroic settler formed in the American psyche. When films came to the silver screen the genre of Hollywood Westerns created protagonists who exemplified qualities…

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  • Western Nationalism Effects

    It was a century filled with war, and each represented a shift on who was leading. Each of these wars shows the Western nations willingness to use their militaries as tools to show their might. Militarism was one of the leading causes of this war, but was a side effect of Western nationalism. At the turning of the century Germany, Britain, and many other countries the idea of nationalism was starting to take hold. Having a great sense of pride in your country, and believing that your countries…

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  • Western Human Advancement

    There is a lot of confusion about why did it take human beings almost 2000 years to apply the use of steam power to create rotary motion in the form of a spinning ball driven by the pressure generated by steam that was described by Heron of Alexandria into a practical, functioning steam engine? People only started to apply this basic principle after the industrial revolution in England. The Industrial Revolution has been an overall wonder, in any event in so far as it has happened in every one…

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  • Possession In Western Culture

    This is because many individuals in the west who believe their individuality and uniqueness should not be tampered with. This is evident as some value “conception of the person as bounded, unique, more or less integrated motivational and cognitive universe, a dynamic centre of awareness, emotion, judgement and action” (Dawson 74). This shows the fundamental difference in western to eastern cultures: a disconnect with the divine. Christianity teaches that to form a union with God, one only needs…

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  • Western Gender Recognition

    The recognition of sex and gender is very different cross-culturally. Although the Western way of gender recognition is getting common around the world, many of non-western society still have other ways of gender recognition. Sometimes, the different recognition makes it difficult to understand gender relations in other cultures. This paper will analyse that how Western gender recognition has influence on understanding other societies’ gender relations by using case studies about Gerai and North…

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