Compare And Contrast Cowboy Western Wear

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Living in a place like Dallas or Houston affords for some great fashion looks. Just walking down the street in one of these southern cities gives you a glimpse into real cowboy western wear. Leather boots, blue jeans and ten-gallon hats dot the landscape in Texas. If you love the look but you live farther north, you might think dressing like a cowboy or cowgirl is off limits. That’s really not the case as anyone can pull of the western wear look with the right clothes.

The staple of any look like this is the blue jeans. Most of us have at least one pair of jeans we absolutely adore. For the cowboy western wear look, you need a pair that is going to fit either over or in a pair of cowboy boots. Darker denim is better and back pockets are really a must. A leather belt also adds to the look and provides a nice accessory piece regardless of gender.
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The belt buckle is as much a part of the finished look as the jeans are. You should choose a western themed buckle that is small enough that it won’t pinch your stomach when you sit, but is big enough to be noticed. Having a few buckles on hand adds to the variety of your

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