The Woman Warrior

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  • The Woman Warrior Analysis

    of literature in 1976, “The Woman Warrior”. Many people found the reading a bit complex to grab, like why was the aunt is the no name woman? Now I have to admit the literature was a bit miscellaneous but I understood. Each chapter has its own meaning have why it is being told; the answer is in between the lines. Overlooking the reader’s review they raised many logical questions such as: why is the aunt labeled as the no name warrior? Why did the narrator tell extensions of stories? Why did the community have such a heavy impact on the family? Or did Maxine act out because of her cultural restrictions? All of these are great points to help get a better understanding of the character, on why the aunt…

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  • The Woman Warrior Summary

    “Conception: The Origins of a Story” as Applied to The Woman Warrior Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior depicts the hardships Kingston faces as she attempts to balance the culture of the country in which she resides, America, and the culture of her home country, China. This struggle is shown by Kingston’s account of various parts of her childhood, which shape who she is. Rather than simply a list of Kingston’s experiences, The Woman Warrior is a novel with broad social implications.…

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  • Reflective Essay On Woman Warrior

    In the book Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, Kingston 's mother Brave Orchid tells many stories about her past that she believes have lessons behind them, lessons that Kingston should learn from and can help shape her. Her mother wants Kingston to follow the role of a Chinese woman. Brave Orchid believes Kingston should learn something from the stories and in some cases not do what was done. While telling these stories she tells Kingston what she should know about them to shape her into…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Woman Warrior

    women were being treated, their culture’s expectations, and their ability to be just as intelligent as the opposite sex. In both Sandoz and Kingston’s writings the reader can appreciate the intelligence and bravery of the writers exposing themselves as educated women. Women who are breaking the status quo of being quite, demure, and calm. They show that they are capable of so much more, opening doors to other women writers in the future to do the same. Ed Huntley at Greenwood Press stated in…

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  • Symbolism In The Woman Warrior

    In 1975, Maxine Hong Kingston wrote a book that blends a collection of memoirs, an autobiography and a Chinese folk tale. Throughout The Woman Warrior, Kingston reports a complex portrayal of the 20th century experiences of Chinese-Americans living in the U.S in the shadow of the Chinese Revolution. “ White Tigers”, the second chapter, has the feel of a warrior epic. It is drawn from a traditional Chinese myth about a woman who fights in place of her father. It is separated into two completely…

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  • Analysis Of The Woman Warrior: Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts

    are rich, in love, or both. Or at the very least, that’s what was planted into my head. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts (1976) tells Maxine Hong Kingston’s life as an Asian-American girl growing up with immigrant parents. Her parents have the same reason for coming to America as most immigrants throughout history do: to find a better job and become a little wealthier. Her parents expected a better and easier life in America, instead they became farmers that do a…

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  • Figurative Language In The Woman Warrior

    memoir is a great example of this when it comes to using many literary elements that explain the author 's theme. Anything the author writes in literature has a purpose and it should be accounted for no matter what. The author of the book is a Chinese woman whose name is Maxine Hong Kingston and her book is a memoir. This book is essentially about the author’s life in America and she uses elements of literature throughout her book to explain events that occurred. Kingston uses many literary…

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  • Maxine Hong Kingston's In The Woman Warrior

    Ruisha Yang The Woman Warrior A novel can be considered as a form of art while it imitates our internal life and experiences in the world or as a crazy telescope that allows us to explore the life of minds. However, the plot is the structure of a novel. As Culler implies, “Aristotle says that plot is the most basic feature of narrative, that good stories must have a beginning, middle, and end, that they gave pleasure because of the rhythm of their ordering...Essentially, though, a plot requires…

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  • Kingston's Woman Warrior

    The struggle of finding yourself is difficult enough, but finding yourself in a continuously pressuring society makes it harder. For Alison Bechdel and the time period in which she came out, she was able to do so in a more welcoming environment than her father, albeit with some struggles regardless such as being made fun of and the pressures from her father to be a “girl.” For Hong Kingston, she struggles to find her own voice and identity growing up in a strict Chinese-American family and what…

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  • Woman Warrior Stereotypes

    In The Woman Warrior, Kingston provides a detailed description of a talk-story, told to her by her mother, about a woman warrior in order to illustrate that ideas transform behavior, and ideas provide humans with the ability to defy stereotypes and self-actualize. Kingston recalls the talk-stories her mother told her as a young child. Kingston’s adult mind fathoms the great power which her mother held with these stories. Specifically, Kingston recalls the story of Fa Mu Lan, a woman warrior who…

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