The Waves

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  • Electromagnetic Waves Vs Mechanical Waves

    Waves are disturbances that transfer energy from one place to another without transferring the particles of a medium. Some waves must travel through matter, known as the medium (mechanical waves). And when they travel through the medium they cause the particles to vibrate. Some types of mechanical waves are sound waves and ocean waves. Electromagnetic waves, on the other hand, are waves that do not need to travel through a medium. They are disturbances in both the electric and magnetic fields. These waves can travel through a vacuum (empty space) because they don't require a medium to travel through. Some examples on them are light, X-Ray and infrared rays. Both these types of waves are classified according to the direction the particles, it…

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  • Emotions In The Wave

    emotions that are found in the novel The Wave by Todd Strasser are fear and satisfaction. Ben Ross decided to help his students understand how the Nazis could follow Hitler so blindly. Through the experiment, him and his students learned that it was fear. Learning that fear was the cause, it was bound that it would show up sooner or later. The first example of fear was when an anonymous student wrote to Laurie Saunders a letter titled Welcome to the Wave - or Else. The student wrote: “This…

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  • Ben Ross The Wave Analysis

    The Wave is all about types, and Robert Billings is no exception; he's the school loser, to use the novel's rather cruel terminology. Other students in the school are afraid to ruin their own image by hanging out with the “class creep”. Ben Ross thinks that part of his problem is living in the shadow of his ultra-popular brother, who used to attend Gordon High School. When the Wave finally comes along, Robert seizes the opportunity to make a change, but things get even worse. Although some might…

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  • Sound Waves Research Paper

    the branch of physics concerned with the study of sound. Sound is a wave made of vibrations in the air. Waves can be measured in a range of different ways: by their amplitude, wavelength, frequency, speed, and, at times, their phase. Sound information is transmitted by the amplitude and frequency of the vibrations, where the amplitude is experienced as loudness and frequency as pitch. The vibration is started by some mechanical movement and this causes a vibration on the molecules next to the…

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  • Bernard In Virginia Woolf's The Waves

    A current and common reading of Virginia Woolf’s experimental novel The Waves places the character of Bernard against his friends as a dominating force. The novel is noted for its pluralism. The six speaking characters in The Waves express themselves through short monologues, sharing nearly equal space with one another until the concluding section. It is over the final forty-four pages of the novel that Bernard is fully emphasized, the voices of Louis, Rhoda, Jinny, Neville, and Susan giving way…

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  • Comparing Kinetic And Mechanical Waves

    A. WAVES Normally when energy is transferred from one place to another a disturbance is involved. Waves can travel through air, water, and solid materials. Mechanical and electromagnetic waves are the two types of waves. Medium is the material in which a wave travels. Mechanical Waves When a source of energy causes a medium to vibrate, a mechanical wave is formed. Mechanical waves require a medium to travel. There are two different types of mechanical waves: longitudinal and transverse waves.…

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  • Gravitational Waves

    GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, HOW CLOSE ARE WE? PHSCS 222 Collective Paper November 23, 1999 #123 #272 #666 #895 The Detection of Gravitational Waves, How Close Are We? Since the realization that the general theory of relativity predicts gravitational waves, there have been attempts to actually detect these waves. Indirect observations have been made that support their existence but no direct measurement. This paper gives a brief explanation of gravitational waves and discusses the…

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  • The Empirical Formulation Of Radio Wave Propomentation Models

    RADIOWAVE OUTDOOR PROPAGATION MODELS General definition: • They are empirical mathematical formulation for the characterization of radio wave propagation as a function of frequency, distance and other conditions. • These models predict the path loss (i.e. the reduction in power density of an electromagnetic wave as it propagates through space or underground) of a transmitter and also the effective coverage area of transmitter. We know that when a signal travels from a wireless channel, it…

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  • Navigating The Next Wave Of Globalization And The Impact Of Technology In Organizations

    For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter are several social media websites where business can take advantage of free advertising. Organizations are not the only ones who are taking advantage of this new wave, but individuals are using it to show their talents, skills, and such. Trends are an enormous part of society and most important a part of organizations which helps them stay competitive by strategizing accordingly to what’s happening around the world. The article Navigating the next…

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  • Korean Wave And Pop Culture

    The Korean Wave refers to the cultural phenomenon in which people in the world are willing to adopt and consume Korean popular culture (Jung, 2006). The Korean Wave is the term coined by the Chinese media for the first time to describe the sudden surge in the popularity of Korean culture in China in 2002 (Hogarth, 2013). The Korean Wave usually includes Korean music, dramas, films and games and is a hot cultural change and trend especially in Asian nations today. Korean television drama has been…

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