A Walk To Remember Book Analysis

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A Walk to Remember is a romance story between the two main characters Landon and Jamie. The story takes place in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1958. This story is centered on a small southern town where Baptist churches play a significant role. Being considered as the bad boy of the high school, Landon’s life is in need of a quick adjustment. He decides to take a drama class in hopes of having an easy senior year. There he meets Jamie, the preacher’s daughter his friend’s scorn. Although he’s known her for years he’s never given her the time of day. Influenced by her father’s love for Christ, Jamie sees the good in Landon. As the two begin to see more of each other Jamie becomes concerned. Convinced that Landon will begin to fall in love, Jamie makes him promise not to. …show more content…
Not used to her kind-hearted personality, Landon tries to distance himself from Jamie. Afraid of what his friends might think, he tries his hardest to stay away. This distance only proves the feelings he begins to develop for her. Tensions begin to rise between Landon and his friends throughout the story. Giving up his old lifestyle to develop a relationship with Jamie and Christ leaves them confused. Major events include the serious relationship between Landon and Jamie and when Jamie finally tells him she is sick. Being diagnosed with leukemia 7 months’ prior, Jamie warns Landon that she’s dying. Heartbroken and confused, Landon vows to love her forever and asks her to marry him. Shortly afterward, Jamie passes but their incredible bond lives on. Well known filmmaker, Andrew Stanton, has provided certain criteria that apply to a great story through his TED talks. Some of his works include John Carter, A Bug’s Life, and the Cars movies. Nicholas Spark’s novel, A Walk to Remember, represents Stanton’s idea of a great story by embracing change, having a likable character, and making the audience

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