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  • Disability In Water Boy

    Cynthia Fenelus Final Reflection Adam Sandler stars in the movie Water Boy as Bobby Boucher. He is a thirty-one year old man who lives at home with his mother. To say the least he is a “momma’s boy.” He plays a water boy for football teams. Bobby presents two disorders. One being a stutter and he also exhibits the characteristics of an intellectual disability. He is used as a water boy for several football teams before one of his coaches discovers his amazing talent of tackling and places him on the football team. Bobby channels all of his anger fueled by the constant disrespect that he has had to endure as a result of his disability into the games and uses his aggression to lead his team to victory. Despite his great contribution to the team, he doesn’t get the amount of respect that the other players get because of his intellectual disability and stutter. The most noticeable disability that Bobby faces is his stutter. Stuttering is basically a speech problem which is characterized by repetitions; pauses; or drawn-out syllables, words, and phrases. Someone with mild stuttering, will repeat sounds more than twice. Noticeable features include facial muscles become tense and he or she might struggle to speak. Voice pitch might rise with repetitions, and some experience occasional periods when airflow or voice stops for seconds at a time. Someone with more severe stuttering stutter through more than 10 percent of their speech. To avoid stuttering one may use different words…

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  • Waterboy Film Analysis

    Waterboy The film Waterboy is about a stuttering man named Bobby Boucher who is caught between bullies, his momma, and the game of football. The movie Waterboy is a hero’s journey where Bobby Boucher’s story encounters and goes through the twelve steps to create the theme. The ordinary world of the movie Waterboy takes place in Louisiana during the 1990’s. The hero of the story is Bobby Boucher. Bobby is a 31 year old stuttering man living with his overprotective mom in Luisiana. Bobby is a…

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  • Film Summary: Bobby Boucher

    Bobby Boucher, 31-year-old socially inept water boy with a stutter and secret anger issues. These hidden anger issues are due to the constant teasing from his peers over the years and immense sheltering by his mother, Helen. When Bobby was a teenager, he became the waterboy for the University of Louisiana Cougars, a major championship-caliber college program. However, the players always torment Bobby and the team's head coach, Red Beaulieu, eventually fires him for "disrupting" the team's…

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  • Just Go With It Movie Analysis

    the film, the scene where she shows up at Jake’s doorstep demanding him to sign the divorce paper, it seems as if Melanie does not care about Jake anymore. However, as the film progresses, Witherspoon does a great job subtly showing how Melanie still has feelings for Jake. Which eventually leads to the scene where it is raining and Melanie runs out into the sand and when Jake asks her why she would want to be married to him and she responds, “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” All in all, Reese…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Ever Changing Game Of Baseball

    I would not say I am extravagant at baseball, yet I would not say I am substandard at the game. I was player full of anticipation and optimism, but my coach did not know that. He assumed that I was reticent, and I was not capable of playing the sport. Also, most of my teammates did not believe in me and what I could do as if I was there to be their “waterboy.” Throughout the whole baseball season, I have obtained zero hits in twelve games. For some reason, I could not get a hit . As if I hit a…

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  • Essay On Atticus Finch's Strengths And Weaknesses

    all of the time. Atticus realizes if his children are fighting with each other the majority of their lives they will eventually hate one another and not have a loving relationship. Atticus and his sister do not exactly have a loving relationship and Atticus doesn 't want that to happen to his children. Because Atticus wants his children to get along, this shows how much of a loving father he is. Finally, Atticus’s loving quality comes out through his acceptance of his children. Atticus’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: Niagara University

    the day of my rugby game, when this girl texted me and all the emotions I repressed started to come to the surface. After a brief conversation via text, I listened to Drake and I got the angriest I've ever been. During the game I was reckless, charging like a mad bull trying to attack the madior. I was trying to tackle as many people as possible. I had thoughts like “why the hell did she pick that guy over me? I have done more for her than that guy ever would for her and I wasted my entire…

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  • Chief Bromden Character Analysis Essay

    challenging Nurse Ratched and making plans with Candy. Doctor Spivey.................Robert De Niro De Niro is an incredible actor that has the ability to illustrate any character, but my was based on one of his most recent portrayal in the movie The Intern, in which he acts more as a guiding, fatherly figure. With that being said, I believe he would make a great Dr. Spivey because of his ability to shine, while playing a character who is suppose to be strong and focused, but instead is…

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