Personal Narrative Essay: The Ever Changing Game Of Baseball

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I would not say I am extravagant at baseball, yet I would not say I am substandard at the game. I was player full of anticipation and optimism, but my coach did not know that. He assumed that I was reticent, and I was not capable of playing the sport. Also, most of my teammates did not believe in me and what I could do as if I was there to be their “waterboy.” Throughout the whole baseball season, I have obtained zero hits in twelve games. For some reason, I could not get a hit . As if I hit a wall that did not acquiesce me to hit the ball . And I knew he thought of that about me. I put in the hard work and talent to show my coach what I was capable of. There I was, May 22, 2015 on a Friday practicing for my semi-final baseball game the …show more content…
As I saw the pitch come in it was right down the middle, I did not swing just to make sure that my timing was down.
“Strike one” said the umpire.
I got set up again in the batter's box and took one deep breath and one mighty swing as the pitch came in, and the ball flew off the bat. I was wondering why the ball still did not reach the ground until I realized that it was already over the fence. As I touched first, I thought to myself,
“How. How is that possible.” When I touched second, I rationalized,
“Did this really just happen.” After I touched third, I justified,
“I just won the game for us.” When I touched home plate no words could have been said because my teammates had said the already,
“Wow Evan, wow!” Said my teammate Brian
“How did you hit the ball that far!” Said my teammate Lucas, screaming
“Impossible!” Said my teammate Matt.
“I finally believe in miracles!” Said my teammate Ryan. My hard work made me get the game winning hit. Without my motivation and dedication, I would not have been able to do so. Even though we went onto lose the championship game 6-3, I still had the same mentality going into that game. And after all the hard work, I finally overcame my predicament, and annexed my first and inimitable baseball

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