Waterboy Film Analysis

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The film Waterboy is about a stuttering man named Bobby Boucher who is caught between bullies, his momma, and the game of football. The movie Waterboy is a hero’s journey where Bobby Boucher’s story encounters and goes through the twelve steps to create the theme.

The ordinary world of the movie Waterboy takes place in Louisiana during the 1990’s. The hero of the story is Bobby Boucher. Bobby is a 31 year old stuttering man living with his overprotective mom in Luisiana. Bobby is a waterboy where he is bullied by the players and gets fired by the hateful coach Red Beaulieu from his job at the University of Louisiana and is forced to find a new job at South Central Louisiana State.

Bobby Boucher’s call to adventure in the movie Waterboy happens when Bobby is getting bullied by the football players at South Central Louisiana State. Coach Klein tells Bobby that he needs to stick up for himself. Next thing you know Bobby runs into practice and tackles the starting quarterback knocking him out. His call to adventure happens when Coach Klein goes running over to him and asks if Bobby will play football for him.

The refusal to call is when Bobby Boucher refuses Coach Klein’s offer of playing football because knows his overprotective mom won’t let him. Coach Klein meets with Bobby and his mom
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Since we have seen him going through the twelve steps it has created a theme that can be taught to us. The theme of the movie Waterboy is believe in yourself and stand up for yourself. This theme is shown in the movie because Bobby Boucher is bullied for a long time and when he finally stands up to his bullies he finds something that he is really good at, football. Overall, after Bobby’s hero adventure he learns that he needs to believe in and stand up for himself. He also learns that he needs to rely on his allies and his mentor Coach

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