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  • John Stockham Research Paper

    The way he manages to understand and connect on different levels with the players from different backgrounds. Before teaching John previously worked in a group home, which he credits as to what helps him when working with kids with a shaky past. He has seen it all in the last thirteen years as a high school coach. There have been kids with special needs, where other programs may say there is not a spot for them on a football team. Kids whose parents are in jail or not in their picture, he is the parental figure in their lives. Kids whose parents have been murdered, he is their support on bad days. Kids with gang ties, he shows them the other options they can have in life. Kids who do not speak a word of English, he puts in the time to find a way to learn their language and communicate the same experience as the rest of the kids. Even kids who are homeless, making sure they have a place to go when practice is over and something to…

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  • The Education Of Little Tree Chapter Analysis

    in his rising, bumping the wall of my room and talking uncommonly loud to Granma, and so I had heard, and I was first out, waiting with the hounds in the darkness.” (Carter 6). Granpa is trying to teach Little Tree a lesson that if he is to wake up early on his own he can get more done. In this little seen Granpa is teaching him independence. Later in chapter two, Granpa takes Little Tree into the woods to hunt and teaches him some more. In this scene Granpa teaches him about “The Way”. This is…

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  • Shiho Rider A Short Story

    3 months later… After the incident with the bully Rider’s father went back to their home world and bought the suppression bracelet and gave it to Rider to use. And also, Hino has been training his son none stop since the incident to help him control his magic. That’s not the only thing that happened Rider found out what he did to Shiho in the library and he immediately apologized to her. Speaking of Shiho Rider has developed a crush on said girl and has been thinking about her since. Rider…

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  • Pheasant Hunt Narrative

    Max to the general area where it would be. I waited until Max flushed it out and when it came I shot and hit the back tail feather, but it still gracefully glided through the air like a plane. We saw 2 more hens, but no more roosters. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a pheasant. We ran into other animals such as a skunk that didn’t want to be messed with, deer that we kicked up while walking, and Max found a raccoon in the grass and it tried to bite Max but didn’t actually bite him because…

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  • Working At The Recreational Center Narrative

    I let him finish “Long story short, I served my time in juvie and ended up doing community service cleaning up around the rec center. I always take off my vest when I go in to see you. I didn’t want you to see that side of me. I’ve really cleaned up my act since that night; I didn’t walk out my house that evening planning on killing anyone”. He said. “We all make mistakes, you just got to live and learn, but I’m always going to be here for you” I said. He smiled with a sense of relief, I…

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  • Personal Essay: My Best Friend

    She opens her home to anyone who needs a safe place, she opens her heart to help her loved ones, she will help everyone and anyone with their personal issues before dealing with her own inner demons, she is never cruel or judgmental, she is incredibly driven and hardworking and she will never ask for anything in return. She is currently enrolled in MCC and is trying to get into the nursing program and almost every day she studies and does homework for anywhere up to twelve hours. She is very…

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  • Holocaust Museum: A Short Story

    skinny old man got up on the stage and told them what bastards and murderers the Nazis were and how he took revenge on them, and he even strangled a soldier with his bare hands till he died. Joshua, who was sitting next to Andres, said the old man was lying “The way he looks, there 's no way he can make any soldier bite the dust.” But Andres looked the old man in the eye and believed him. Finally when he finished telling them what he had done during the holocaust the old man said that what they…

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  • How To To Kill A Mockingbird-Personal Narrative

    It wasn't fair. “Oh, I just hope people could listen and learn not to judge people.” I started, carefully choosing my words. “You know that Tom guy I was talking about before, I guessed people didn't like him because of prejudices they had about black people. They didn't even get to know him at all, they just assume he's bad.” “People just assume things around here. It's kinda difficult when no one wants to be your friend.” Jeanne sighed, fiddling with her book bag straps. “After what happened…

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  • Observation In School

    classroom and building. All around me, kids hurridly packed up their backpacks and scurried out the door. Everyone wanted to get out of this dull school as fast as they possibly could. I took my time. The white classrooms and halls of school existed as my only relief place; it was the only place I could relax. At home, real stress weighed down on me. “You’re really in a hurry.” I glanced up from my assignment book to see my Algebra teacher, Mrs. Read, smiling at me. “I don’t have anywhere…

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  • Short Story: Christmas Angel

    Riding in to work with Rob, Melanie told him how much she loved the decorating of his home. “It was the most fun I have ever had.” Rob told her that "All those decorations, except for the icicle lights, had been my mothers. Having you with us inspired my dad Mel. He has not been willing to put up the decorations since my mom died. So he pulled them out of storage because of you. If I didn 't know better I would think you are one of those Christmas Angels that show up in those Christmas movies on…

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