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Storycorps John Stockham is a high school English teacher and head coach of wrestling and football at Banning high school. He is fifty years old. He is mixed between Japanese and Caucasian. He got his high school education at Redlands high. After high school he attended Occidental City College for a year, where he played football. He later transferred to the University of Redlands, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He has taught English at Banning high school for the last thirteen years. He has previously served as the head of the English department from 2009-2011. He has been named football coach of the year twice for the mountain valley league in both 2009 and 2012 respectively.
John has great work ethic. He is a tremendously hard
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The way he manages to understand and connect on different levels with the players from different backgrounds. Before teaching John previously worked in a group home, which he credits as to what helps him when working with kids with a shaky past. He has seen it all in the last thirteen years as a high school coach. There have been kids with special needs, where other programs may say there is not a spot for them on a football team. Kids whose parents are in jail or not in their picture, he is the parental figure in their lives. Kids whose parents have been murdered, he is their support on bad days. Kids with gang ties, he shows them the other options they can have in life. Kids who do not speak a word of English, he puts in the time to find a way to learn their language and communicate the same experience as the rest of the kids. Even kids who are homeless, making sure they have a place to go when practice is over and something to …show more content…
He will provide all the necessary tools to get the job done, but will not do the work himself. Playing for coach Stockham can be very demanding and at times seem overwhelming, but in the long run it is grateful for the lessons and habits that we leave with well after our playing days are over. He always tells his teams that not everyone on this team is football players but that’s ok. If we learn anything here it will be things such as commitment, the importance of being on time, commitment to the team and all the hard work that is included. We learn dedication; develop a great work ethic, which will be needed to be great at anything in life. And we learn what can happen when we are passionate about something, when we truly love doing something we will become our greatest self. That may not be football and that’s ok, but find that something and give it everything, that same dedication, commitment and work ethic, and just see what

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