Pheasant Hunt Narrative

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The day started when I woke up around 5:00 my dad asked me if I wanted to pheasant hunt and I was willing to go. That morning I was excited to go and it was youth season. I went out to my dog Max’s kennel and he was just as excited as I was. We went out and I got the gun loaded and we started out. In the car I my adrenaline was racing and it was my first time pheasant hunting. Although I was a bit nervous it was good. When we got out to the field my dad showed me how to load and unload a gun and how to cock the gun. We started on the long and tiring journey ahead of us. It was a wet morning with a bit of rain the last night and dew. We hadn’t been walking for about 10 minutes and our legs were soaked and it was a bit cold therefore I was trying …show more content…
We spotted where it landed and we pointed Max to the general area where it would be. I waited until Max flushed it out and when it came I shot and hit the back tail feather, but it still gracefully glided through the air like a plane. We saw 2 more hens, but no more roosters. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a pheasant.
We ran into other animals such as a skunk that didn’t want to be messed with, deer that we kicked up while walking, and Max found a raccoon in the grass and it tried to bite Max but didn’t actually bite him because Max was too quick. Also we had a pheasant that we kicked up right next to us and it was freighting but it was a hen so I couldn’t shoot in even if I didn’t get scared by it’s wings powerfully flapping.
My dad wasn’t going to let me go home empty-handed. On the way home, we hit some gravel roads and look in the ditch. My dad, brother and I went out and found a pheasant so we were on the opposite side of the ditch. I was determined to get this one. My dad whispered “3...2...1 GO!” We sprinted up the snow filled ditch and I tripped and fell in the snow but my dad and brother went without me. My dad ended up shooting him and Max brought him back before he could

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