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  • Stephenson Memorial House

    drape-like structure. Silk was too shiny and inappropriate to wear, so they opted for a duller fabric. It was also expensive in bulk, so the men wore black armbands in their mourning periods. Within the dimly lit room, it is where the casket laid for the funeral and the wake. In image three, the casket is lying on two chairs, suspended in the middle of the room where the funeral is taking place. The only light available was candles, and few were lit around the room. There was usually a pal, drape-like cloth, over the casket, in order to represent the washing away of sins, much like in a baptism. There was no embalming done, and the face was shown as-is during the visitation. It also relates to why we call the “living room” what it is now, a room for the living, with a direct tie to where they kept the body during visitation periods. There was a severe lack of technology compared to now, as all funeral invites were written by hand and sent out. In image four, you can see the desk where Gen. Stephenson’s wife wrote the funeral invitations. It was a very private event, and most invitations would not reach others in time. However, most of the inviting were done by word-of-mouth, but it was mostly for family and close friends at the time. He was a high-profile public figure in the area, and many were devastated by his fast, unexpected death. The bed in Gen. Stephenson’s room is still disrupted to show what they were living like during this time. In image 5, this is where Gen.…

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  • Visitation Of The Gods Analysis

    Bernadine Falsis LIT 13 Midterm Paper 1 BS ME (LIT R-72) October 09, 2015 “Justice Should Be Served” “With great power comes with great responsibility,” Uncle Ben of Spiderman once said. When a heavy task is given to someone, he should do his best and be responsible for the task assigned to him. The story “Visitation of the Gods” says otherwise. The greater the power, the easier life a person would have. That is why the role of education for each person is important, it helps…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Home Visitation

    In the United States, child abuse is a prevalent social problem that affects millions of children each year. It not only influences the child’s upbringing, but it also has consequences toward the nation’s economy. In hindsight, there are solutions to this problem. Home visitation, as well as, increasing child abuse awareness and providing evidence-based practice programs will significantly reduce child abuse. Guided by social work’s history and principles, the benefits of these solutions will…

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  • Visitation Valley Therapeutic Nursery: Article Analysis

    Summary According to statistic, 20 percent of children 2-17 years old in the United States have been victims of different types of violence. The more susceptible children ' ages are between birth to 5 years old. They experience more abuse and neglecting. Community and family 's violence have a considerable impact in children 's school readiness, and in the ways that these children interact with others. But studies show that an early education program can minimize the impact to them. In the…

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  • The Role Of Domestic Violence In Child Custody And Visitation

    I think a domestic violence history should definitely be a factor in child custody and visitation. My main reason for feeling this way is not to punish the parent or guardian, but solely for the safety of the child. According to this week’s lecture, the risk of children being abused is higher in a domestic violence home. Also 30 to 60 % of domestic violence abusers also abuse children. (Black, 2015, Slide 17) I also think a domestic violence history should be a factor in child custody and…

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  • Prison Revisition Policy Analysis

    There is a wide range visitation policies throughout the United States. Reviewing these policies enables a state-by-state comparison throughout a group of customary classifications of visitation-related policies. This study presents a summation of the findings from prison visitation policies in fifty of the state’s Department of Corrections (DOC) in the US and in the system of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). It focuses on policy directives, administrative regulations, and facility-specific rules.…

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  • It's Time To Attendation For College Students

    Imagine a day; it’s cold, rainy, and gray. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend it with your significant other? Maybe watch a movie or do some homework or even just sleep, but then you look and see it’s only three in the afternoon. That means you have four hours before dorm visitation. This may not seem like a long time but for people with work it can mean the difference between seeing this person that day or having to wait. Dorm visitation should be longer. In a theoretical outlook on hormonal teens,…

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  • Lay Audience Brochure Research Paper

    Lay Audience Brochure. A Guide to Family Visitation The process of disseminating information requires nursing scholars to identify a target audiences and develop a communication medium that is applicable to the audience’s literacy and comprehension needs (Bastable, 2006). The target audience can range from professionals in the field of interest to the general population, known as a lay audience. The purpose of this paper is to identify the target lay audience for a brochure entitled, A Guide to…

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  • Haley Mewbourn/Martinez Family: Case Study

    Please let this report stand as the progress made by the Mewbourn/Martinez family as witnessed by this writer. Haley Mewbourn (mother), Delilah Martinez (daughter), Nicole Martinez (daughter), Natalie Martinez (daughter), and Carmen Martinez (daughter) were referred for Home-Based Parent Aide Services and Visitation Facilitation by Laporte County DCS on August 19, 2015. Home-Based Parent Aide Services were to include transportation for the client to all court ordered services, parenting…

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  • Troxel Vs Granville Case

    Supreme court in 2000 was Troxel v Granville, this case was based around the paternal grandparents petitioning for visitation after the mother began to limit visitation with the grandchildren, in this case the grandchildren spent significant time with their grandparents through weekend visits with their father. The father passed away, and initially their visits continued on a regular basis, but several months later the mother decided that the visits should be limited to once a month, therefore…

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