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  • Swot Analysis Of Vixen

    Sultra the Vixen is a combination curling iron, hot air brush and dryer all in one sleek and beautiful volumizing package. While some other hot air brushes need to be used on slightly damp hair, or require product on dry hair, the Vixen uses hot air to heat the ceramic barrel. This creates a combination of hot air brush and curling iron that can be used on dry or damp hair. Instead of spending over an hour sectioning, blow drying, and curling your hair, you can achieve a beautiful blowout look with curls and waves with one piece of equipment. It leaves you with more time in the morning to sleep in since you won't have to spend an hour doing your hair. When it comes to a beauty product that allows more beauty sleep, we're all about that.…

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  • Creative Writing: The Stone Moon

    “Excellent, my sweet. Give me here those buds.” The imp grabbed one sand and blew it on the flowers. The petals turned a lavish shade of grey and the vixen smiled and ran off to the stone cabin of the stag. She knocked three times and called to the stag. When he emerged he asked if she had found the flowers. She presented the silver beauties and the stag crooned with joy. The vixen gave a look from east to west but did not see the honed one. “I shall return dear stag.” The vixen left the stag…

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  • Video Vixen Argumentative Speech

    A woman in a music video is often referred to as a Video Vixen. The term vixen typically elicits the thought of a temptress, who is aesthetically stunning, with long luscious hair, thick thighs, toned limbs, large breasts, and equally fitting derriere. Stereotypically, she wears high stiletto shoes designed to accentuate her hourglass, half-naked figures, and voluptuous silhouette. She is the object of sex appeal for men in music videos and treated as a prized trophy for possession. To the male…

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  • Geri Crowle's Vixen-Personal Narrative

    I played tennis today and my friend Geri Crowle invited me to spend the night at her house. I had my overnight bag fully packed and was ready to leave when Claudia stopped me and told me I couldn’t go because I just had to go meet her friend who was a talking vixen. She said that her vixen friend was in trouble and that she had to talk to to me, Claudia, Charles, and Janie tonight. I thought she was talking about an imaginary at first because of her age. I started pretending that i saw the vixen…

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  • Chaos Wars: The Blood Garden

    samurai bamboo hat “...and welcome his opponent the Venomous Vixen” (Venomous Vixen) Name: Salihah Abdul Gender: Female Origin: Egyptian Height: 5 ft 6 inches Weight: 130 lbs Weapon(s): Dual wield daggers Abilities: acid spit and able to seep acid from sweat glands to cover skin Apparel: White and gold…

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  • Summary Of Rihanna's Video 'Pour It Up'

    under white patriarchal power. Images of black women as sexual savages and sexual commodities have historically been justified through mass media’s consistent representation of the jezebel stereotype through institutions like the government, education, and media. These oversexualized, stereotypical images are commodified so much that it minimizes Black women’s subversive performances. The emphasis on physical attributes of black women, like their derriere and genitals are prevalent the…

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  • Oversexualization Of Black Women Analysis

    misrepresentation in the mainstream media. Not only are these labels incorrect, they can be harmful to black women everywhere; they perpetuate this idea that if one falls into a stereotype about the community in which they belong, it makes them feel ashamed of themselves or they change who they are to not fit into that stereotype. Also, if they don’t fit into the stereotype, incorrect assumptions are made about them from people who are both apart of that community and outside of it. An example…

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  • Supergirl Crossover Case Study

    Fans are definitely excited for the upcoming Supergirl crossover episode featuring Grant Gustin's Barry Allen from The Flash. Now that the Scarlet Speedster will be teaming up with Melissa Benoit's Kara Danvers, is it possible to see Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen heading for Metropolis? The Arrow star recently spoke to IGN, where he confirmed that he is interested in a possible Supergirl/Arrow crossover. "I would love to go over to Supergirl," Amell admitted. "That would be a blast, if for no…

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  • Here Comes Santa Clause Poem Analysis

    The theme of this song is Santa Claus coming to town. The Author Gene Autry did a good job with Repetition in this Christmas song. One literary device Gene Autry used was repetition. The line that had repetition was “Here comes Santa Claus”. The author wrote this in his song 3 times. Another line of repetition was “Cause Santa Clause comes tonight”. The author wrote this 5 times in this song. The second literary device he used was Characterization. The way he used this in this song…

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  • White Masculine Identity In Hip-Hop Culture

    Over the past years, it is evident that aspects Hip-Hop are being commodity, creating a multi-billion dollar industry (Holsendolph 1999). White corporate Americans are the primary distributors for the Hip-Hop industry. Moreover, the commodification of Hip-Hop has led to the weakening of the cultural expression and critical conscious awareness of the music, solely focusing on the white patriarchal perception of African Americans. Henceforth, hyper-masculine identity within hip-hop culture…

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