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  • Batman Voice

    Listeners gather information from a speaker’s voice that they then relate to certain personality types and social statuses. However, most of the information received represents the stereotypes people impose on specific voice qualities. How does this relate to an actor’s portrayal of a fictional character? Both John Reese from the TV series, Person of Interest (P.O.I) and Bruce Wayne/Batman from The Dark Knight trilogy (TDK) possess similar voices but they also reflect the anti-hero/vigilante archetype. Even with their differing backstories and roles in society, they convey similarities, that requires an exploration regarding the relationship between voice and character. However, before diving into voice and character, a brief description of…

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  • Passive Voice

    highly impactful on perception. Alexandra Frazer and Michelle Miller noted in their article Double Standards in Sentence Structure: Passive Voice in Narratives Describing Domestic Violence, Structuring sentences in a way that emphasizes women’s causal role in such violence, while deemphasizing men’s role, may be one of several mechanisms by which writers and speakers express their attitudes about gender, sex, and power. These mechanisms include the use of erotic rather than violent terminology…

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  • Voice Of America Radio: The Voice Of America

    Voice of America Radio: Voice of America, otherwise known as the “voice”, is a government funded news source that provides radio, television, and internet broadcasts around the world. The Voice has successfully created dialogue and promoted liberty abroad since its beginning in the 1940s. It is important to understand the history of Voice of America in order to completely understand its impact. Voice of America was established in 1942 as a radio station that explained America’s policies…

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  • Strained Voice

    Strained Voice (Vocal Cords) Overview- We rely on our voices to inform, persuade, and interact with other people. For this, a disorder of phonation may prove very limiting, interfering with the ability to communicate with normal daily activities. “Dysphonia " is the medical term used for Strained Voice to indicate a generic voice alteration, qualitative or quantitative, temporary or permanent, structural or functional origin of one or more organs involved in the spoken speech. This alteration…

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  • Voice Intonation Essay

    Summary In theory, the researchers main goal in this study was to establish if there was a correlation in the intonation of someone’s voice and the desire to influence another individual to buy a product or answer a set of questions. How willing are we to just listen to someone based on the pitch or tone of their voice? Our brains don’t have any visual cues to know if we can trust this person or not, so that’s why when companies are trying to sell you something, they should be very particular on…

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  • Voice Evaluation Report

    Voice Evaluation Identifying Information The patient is a 60-year-old, male, high school sociology teacher with a 14-month history of progressive dysphonia. The patient was diagnosed with a large substernal thyroid by a laryngologist and underwent thyroidectomy surgery 7 months ago. The patient notes that voice problems have persisted for about a year. The patient reports that prior to the thyroid surgery, his voice problems were more severe than his current voice quality. Immediately after…

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  • Advantages Of Single Voice

    Coherent identity and single voice Through the human history, human beings have been establishing their own cultures in various ways. Since the ancient times, human developed the way how they can survive themselves and it made people to be together. By the time goes, people established community and it formed as the ‘country’. When the country formed in formal way, people started sharing their opinions, rules, instructions, and even their life styles. Among this processes, it has been settled as…

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  • What Is The Passive Voice By George Orwell Rhetorical Analysis

    In his essay, Orwell strives to get the audience to understand that they need to say what they mean get to the point in their writing. He makes his position clear when arguing “that the decline of a language must ultimately have a political and economic causes” (Orwell 1). f 2. He hopes his message resonates with people who write and read about politics, because he urges them to form their own opinions and pay more attention to what they write. 3. Orwell maintains a contradictory tone…

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  • Analysis Of Franklin D. Roosevelt's From The Four Freedoms

    ideal happens when you take an opportunity. These opportunities are jobs, the voice of the people, and the freedom we are given. We have a right to these opportunities. These opportunities are what make so many…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem Ry Voice And Sing By James Weldon Johnson

    brother came and grabbed a brush and started painting with me. Although I may not have asked for the help, it made the job easier and faster. We ended up finishing my room in a shorter time period. It goes to show that working together and accomplishing a goal as a team is much better than doing things alone. In the poem, Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson, it illustrates how the black community joins together through the struggles to escape the harsh times of slavery. The poem…

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