Voice Intonation Essay

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In theory, the researchers main goal in this study was to establish if there was a correlation in the intonation of someone’s voice and the desire to influence another individual to buy a product or answer a set of questions. How willing are we to just listen to someone based on the pitch or tone of their voice? Our brains don’t have any visual cues to know if we can trust this person or not, so that’s why when companies are trying to sell you something, they should be very particular on who they allow to work the phones. For some, it can make quite a difference on if they buy from you or not.
In this experiment the researchers decided to do two studies to determine the results. In study one the researchers first hypothesis was to
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I am a single mother and their father died, so I was left to raise three children on my own. I work at three different jobs and I am struggling just to feed them every day.
The second set of people I would call would be ages 70-89 and I would compare the two groups and determine if older people were more gullible and if I would be able to get more money out of them. I believe that older people are definitely going to be more gullible, so I will focus my attention on them.
Once I have determined, which age group was the most generous just from the sound of my voice I would take this scam worldwide, and receive donations from people all of the countries and they would never actually know who I am. I would sound credible and trustworthy by giving specific details in my message and not hesitating on any of the points. While I was talking to them, I would try to relate to them if they have children, because they would understand why it is so hard to take care of children, especially when they have deathly
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This money would be used to help all my starving children who are so close to death, and I know you are all good people and want to help these poor helpless children. They are counting on you! For just a dollar a day you can help these children survive and have a healthy life. If this doesn’t work and I don’t receive any donations from the people I would then go on the radio, and reach a larger audience still using different levels of voice intonation and telling the listeners to go to a certain website if they are willing to help my suffering family all donations are accepted.
By misusing this information, I now created a scam that will benefit my “beautiful family” and people have never even seen who we are. In theory, I would be able to convince a substantial number of people to support me, and from there I would be able to go on a lovely vacation to Italy. I am now an international scam artist and if I’m caught, I will be going to jail. But in essence, I think it extremely worrisome that things like this are happening all the time with credit cards and a scenario like this all the time. We have learned in class that we are constantly seeking out things that would harm us, but this is one thing that always seems to get the best of

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