Pros And Cons Of Home Visitation

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In the United States, child abuse is a prevalent social problem that affects millions of children each year. It not only influences the child’s upbringing, but it also has consequences toward the nation’s economy. In hindsight, there are solutions to this problem. Home visitation, as well as, increasing child abuse awareness and providing evidence-based practice programs will significantly reduce child abuse. Guided by social work’s history and principles, the benefits of these solutions will outweigh the cons that may arise. Furthermore, through careful observation, the resolution’s effectiveness will be determined through data and statistics of the findings. Child abuse is a serious issue which has a lasting impact on the victim and their …show more content…
There is strong evidence that correlates home visitation to the reduction of child maltreatment. According to Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HOMVEE), specific child welfare programs such as Healthy Start-Home Visiting and Child First have had positive outcomes and prevents child abuse (HOMVEE). Although home visitation is a useful measure on preventing child abuse, there are children who are still being overlooked. For situations such as these, the social worker may need to recognize avoidant behavior and address them. For instance, one-on-one interviews with each household member will allow in depth analysis on the situation at home. Through rapport and trust building with the clients, social workers can get a personal look inside the home. Another example of recognizing abuse may be to have telephone conversations with the children instead of face to face contact in order to alleviate stress and anxiety the child may face. Text messaging or other forms of technological communication may be helpful as well. Looking over the children to see if there is any unusual behavior or physical marks on the child’s body can be a resourceful way of recognizing abuse (additional training on child abuse recognition may be necessary). Also, school visitation can greatly impact the recognition of abuse. Home visitations can be manipulated by the parent or guardian. In order for this to be avoided, school visitation will alleviate any suspicion of manipulation. Forms of school visitation can include interviewing with teachers in order to gain insight in the child’s behavior; school social workers communicating with Child’s service’s agency on a regular basis- this will allow children not to be overlooked at the places they spend the most time; speaking with 3rd party members who are close to the family such as religious figures

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