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  • Personal Narrative: How Basketball Changed My Life

    time doing the workout. I was the only person on the team that actually ran long mileage before basketball season. I was in a sport called cross country, and all we did in that sport was run long distances on roads or golf courses. So I was used to running hard during practice and was up with the seniors when running our workout. Our basketball season went like that until our first game against a school named Harding County that took place in our home gym. Their team had players that had tall players that shot the basketball over us all four quarters, but we made good passes so the game was evenhanded. We lost the basketball game, but before our varsity was going to warm up, one of them stopped me and told me good job. He was one of the seniors that I ran with at practice for awhile, but he just now started talking to me. When the varsity played their basketball game, the guy who stopped me, seemed to be one of the preponderance players on the court that night. After the basketball games, me and him starting talking to each other and texting each other,his name was Kyzier, and we became the closest friends. Month after month went by and it made me think of the decisions I were making at what I could do to change them. When I finally understood that my immutable problems that I faced daily could be changed, it turned my life around for the greater good. Our team took a school bus to a town named Lemmon where we played a basketball game in their home gym. We played a even…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Volleyball Game

    We then quickly remembered that we had to play pep band for the varsity game. Dramatically we changed out of are sweaty jersey and into are fancy clothes we had plan to wear the day before. Racings down the hall, with no shoes on, my friends and I went to the band room. We put together are interments, some faster than others, and grabbed are music ran back to the gym. We go up the stairs to the stands on the other side of home, down the steps, and into the bleachers just making it in time for…

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  • Personal Narrative-Catholic Versus Public School

    standing watching the puck drop. It’s as if they had a mind of their own and it was out of my control. My stomach felt like it was going to just quit on me and I was unable to get rid of the butterflies. I paused and lifted my head to see the other team already dominating in our zone. These were the games we lived for, catholic versus public schools. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that as a public school, you can skate and compete with the catholic schools. One year…

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  • Basketball Narrative

    of the day, I heard, “Good game... don’t worry about the last play” one too many times. I tried not to act annoyed or rude, but it was hard. It was not something unusual, because basketball was Sacramento’s main sport, and we were known for producing solid college players. It was probably the most talked topic throughout the whole city. Being the star player on the Sac Dragon varsity team had a package deal with something I didn’t really like: popularity. Our basketball team was one of the…

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  • Disabilities In Special Education

    Cheerleading! All that school spirit has to be channeled somewhere! Abbi has been on the middle school cheer squad, the junior varsity cheer squad, and now the varsity cheer squad at the end of her freshman year. She may have physical limitations but never doubt her spirited personality. When asked about practice, this is one student who will always be available no matter what the day or time. Her support team is exceptional, but it is also very…

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  • Personal Narrative Of My Failure

    continued to manage both of my tasks quite easily due the fact that I am able to recall information easily. However, I was starting to have pains in my legs and I was in pain ever since the beginning of the year. When I was finally halfway through the year my legs began to get several more painful however I continued to push through it as my parents wanted me too. I continued to attend conditioning for crew up until the month of March. March was the month for the crew teams first race and the…

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  • Narrative Essay About Wrestling

    I was absolutely dreading this day because, for varsity matches, only one person in each weight class is allowed to wrestle. Our varsity wrestler for the weight class I was in was injured so I had to wrestle in the varsity match. As I stepped out onto the mat for the first time, I looked over and began analyzing my opponent: a shaved head, tattoo covered arms, and 200 pounds of solid muscle. What did I get myself into? Here I am about to wrestle in my first match against someone who looked…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Title IX

    created a decrease in opportunities for male athletes due to the program and scholarship cuts. Since Title IX’s inducted to athletics, The men 's teams have lost the numbers of men playing other sports (). When college and university officials make the announcement of cutting the men 's programs because of Title IX even the playing field for genders. the question is what happen to the athletes who programs get cut. The cause and effect of action lead to the male athletes doesn’t disappear…

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  • Title IX: Female Athletes

    IX Playing on a high school varsity has changed my life. Basketball has shifted Cannon Falls High School incredibly. My first year playing varsity basketball there was 13 girls. This year there is only nine participating. It is a difficult switch, going against the same 9 girls every day at practice, knowing their moves, it gets boring. All the girls make playing enjoyable and each person gives out the urge to go on. Feeling how women did before Title IX, with so little number I am thankful…

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  • Varsity Team Analysis

    to fail at and then write about it, only one thing came to my mind – getting on the Squash Varsity Team. Before I detail what I learned during my rather arduous journey, I’d like to give some background on my abilities in this game and why this was an appropriate choice for this particular assignment. I started playing squash when I was ten years old. This is actually a few years earlier than when most people, who go on to become professionals, start playing the game. Within a few months I…

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