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  • Flashback Techniques In Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice

    "Interview with the Vampire" is one of the best-seller novels by Anne Rice that published in 1976. It is a thrilling novel, which depicts immortal vampires as the central characters. Anne Rice uses the flashback technique in the novel through which novel’s protagonist, the Vampire named Louis tells the story of his past life to a mortal journalist named Daniel during an interview. Louis wants to make the whole world aware of the existence of evil vampires. The story begins in San Francisco where the vampire, Louis describes the chronicle of the last part of his mortal life following 200 years of his immortal life’s experience after his transformation into a vampire by another vampire named Lestat. This novel can be classified as an erotic novel as it intends to stimulate readers sexually. The technique of feeding of Vampires on human beings, Claudia’s relationship with Louis and the play at Theatre des Vampires represents the erotic nature of novel. The representation of vampires’ bite on mortals’ neck is intensely susceptible to sexual encouragement. Louis explains Daniel how Lestat transforms him into a Vampire. In the novel, Louis says, “[Lestat] lay down beside me now on the steps,…

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  • Modern Vampires Essay

    A Vampire: ?I Regret What I Had Done.? Today, vampire is the hottest topic in novels, movies, and dramas around the world. Belief in vampires has existed for thousands of year in many different cultures around the world. In original folklore and mythology, the traditional vampires tend to be inhuman and have no soul. They are truly monstrosities. They feed human?s blood in the midnight and enjoy killing people. Today?s outlook on vampires is more positive. Some modern vampires are very human and…

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  • Summary Of Anne Rice's Novel Interview With The Vampire

    Anne Rice’s novel Interview with the Vampire (1976) takes the life of vampire Louis Pointe du Lac as the subject matter. A reporter wants to listen to his story so Louis starts to tell how he became a vampire and what he had been through. Louis mentions that he used to be a plantation master and he suffered a lot after the death of his wife while giving birth to their child in 1791 of Spanish Louisiana. Then he is turned into a vampire by Lestat and hates being a vampire after killing people and…

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  • The Monkey Stephen King And Dracula Analysis

    Human beings are familiar and known while vampires take that familiarity of humanity and they make it unfamiliar and also terrifying. Vampires appear to be human, they share many of the same qualities, but at the same time they are not human at all. This liminal state is something that is foreign to us and we cannot comprehend it. Something hidden being revealed is part of our requirement for being uncanny, so vampires also represent the uncanny because they resemble a human so closely that…

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  • Arabian Nights: The Theme Of Power In Arabian Nights

    In Arabian Nights, the theme of power runs throughout the entire book as a back bone for many of the stories told. Demons are conquered by man and kings rise to power in many stories. The power of women, however, is a theme that differs greatly from the power of men in the book. Arabian Nights tells tales of women that are depicted as dependent and powerless in many stories, and their autonomy and power is used as a device in a story where they are given it. They are also given power when they…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Vampire And The Vampire Diaries

    The Depictions Of Vampires: True Blood vs. The Vampire Diaries Vampires are popular in contemporary culture. They are the go-to creatures, the phenomenon people love featuring in TV shows and movies, such as The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Vampires are some of the most popularized and interesting creatures depicted in fiction. They are the vampire’s literature raves about in novels; however, these creatures have taken an alternate route in appearance regarding popular media. Therefore, both…

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  • Victorian Gender Roles In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    was still mesmerized by Lucy's glamorous features even after she was turned into a bloodsucking vampire. Van Helsing had to pull Author off of her declining body in order to protect Author from becoming a vampire himself. Lucy surprisingly, was reported as looking more lively and beautiful after her death. “Death had given back part of her beauty, for her brow and cheek had recovered some of their flowing lines; even the lips had lost their deadly pallor. It was as if the blood, no longer…

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  • A Hangman's Daughter Book Report

    Do you Believe in Werewolves? Well, the people of 1600s Bamberg, Germany did. The Werewolf of Bamberg: A Hangman’s Daughter Tale is the fifth of the six, soon to be seven, books of the novel series A Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch. Potzsch gets his inspiration for the series from the history of his ancestors on his mother’s side. He uses one of his family’s four generations of executioners, Jakob Kuisls, and his family as the main characters. Each book follows parts of Magdalena Kuisls’,…

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  • Effective Horror Films

    America’s first real exposure to the supernatural which was a new and shocking adaptation to horror. In the film, the surfacing of this ancient shape-shifting, undead character is seen as a threat to England’s society. Arata observes that, “A large part of the terror he inspires originates in his ability to stroll, unrecognized and unhindered, through the streets of London” (171). In particular, there is a scene in the movie where Dracula is on his way to visit Lucy’s apartment and passes by a…

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  • Vladimir The Delight Club Analysis

    Vladimir the Vampire: The Representation of Vampires in Ethan Long’s Fright Club Recent releases of children’s films like Hotel Transylvania and children’s text’s like Monster Trouble have contributed to the rapidly growing genre of children’s horror. From the 1960s to present day, monsters have become a demanded topic in children’s media as they have transformed from frightening creatures to misunderstood, cuddly beings (Palmer). In Ethan Long’s Fright Club, a picturebook detailing a club for…

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