Modern Vampires Essay

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A Vampire: ?I Regret What I Had Done.?
Today, vampire is the hottest topic in novels, movies, and dramas around the world. Belief in vampires has existed for thousands of year in many different cultures around the world. In original folklore and mythology, the traditional vampires tend to be inhuman and have no soul. They are truly monstrosities. They feed human?s blood in the midnight and enjoy killing people. Today?s outlook on vampires is more positive. Some modern vampires are very human and beautiful creatures. They often drink animal blood. They also regret what their clan has done in the past. They do not want to harm human. For example, the best novel Twilight represents new perspectives on the vampires. Thought a novel, the vampire
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In 20th and 21st century, many books, movies, and television shows create vampires who have human characters and make people feel sympathy for vampires. Modern vampires have changed from the traditional vampires. Although some modern vampires have same traits with the traditional vampires, such as sensitive to the sun, strong, fast, and inhuman strengths, they are not blood drinkers. They fall in love with human beings and will protect their lovers as till the last breath. Some of them watch human while they sleep, but they do cause any harm. The modern vampires want to fit into human society and to be human. They do not kill an innocent person, and they feed on animal to sustain them. They still crave human blood, but they try their best to avoid their hunger. Even many authors state in their works that some normal human beings do not fear modern vampires, and they want to date them because modern vampires can keep them safe from strangers and threats. Interview with the vampire by Anna Rice in 1976 was one of the first novels which portray the transformation of the modern vampires. For example, Louis is a vampire, but he hates vampires because of the carve of human blood. He dislikes killing people, so he drinks blood of animals. When Claudia, the vampire child made by Lestat, wants to killed Lestat because Lestat made her to stuck in the body of a five years old girl, Louis does not warn …show more content…
Nowadays, people not only judge others based on many factors, such as appearance, race, religion, but also judging persons with their own past even those persons are good in the present as well. It is one of popular issues in our society. People sometimes hear rumors about a person, then drawing a conclusion on his or her characters. In the same way, some people do not want to be friend with a classmate because of what that classmate did in the past before they get to know about that classmate. There are also some men who judge women on their pasts, and then they confuse to have serious relationships with those women who did some bad things in the past. In Twilight, Belle just loves the person standing in front of her, Edward Cullen. His past does not matter to her. If people judge the friends, the lovers, and the neighbors without getting to know who they are, are being unfair. There is no one but commits errors. Like Edward in Twilight Saga, everyone has things that they are not proud of, or anyone has done some mistakes in the past. If audiences and readers only used the history of vampires or what he did in the past to define Edward Cullen, they would be wrong because his personalities are too perfect in the present. The past cannot define a person because that a person may change. There are a lot of people who regret the things they have done. Edward in Twilight

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